JM aka Afro Monk

John-Michael Afro Monk
Name: John-Michael DV
Nickname: Afro Monk
Title: Marketing Director @ Peak Seven

Afro Monk is an alter ego I’ve created.
My real name is John-Michael aka JM.
Born and raised in Miami, FL.

I’m a music lover.
I’ve been collecting music since I was in 6th grade when I spent a large part of my time in private AOL chat room designing artwork for AOL Progz. Underground piracy wasn’t a norm at the time and was something I embraced.

I’m a child of the online era that has destroyed the music industry.
Until now I have never purchased music. Not till now have I found my sound.
Music was something I always collected just to have and now it has become a large passion of mine.

I’ve always hidden my gems but now it’s time to share a few.
I believe that a layer of appreciation in music comes from the hunt and listening to endless Gbs of tracks to find something you’ve never heard of but come to love.

The goal of this website is to share with you all things I find interesting and worth sharing. I’m all about supporting up and coming artist. There is so much out there that not all of us can cover and these are the things I’ve come across that I find interesting, not only in music but in all genres of life.

Things I’ve worked on:

  • Owner/Admin of (350k+ visitors)
  • Owner of Afro Monk Records
  • Owner/Admin of
  • Owner/Founder of
  • DJ (2+ years)
  • Weekly column on
  • Big Up Magazine Music Reviewer
  • Pubstep Resident DJ (Texas)
  • Massive Wednesday Resident DJ (Miami,FL)
  • WMC Slippery
Afro Monk Marketing