Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution – A Lucid & Inspiring Journey [ Lucidity Interview ]

by Sofia on April 7, 2016

Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution are an infinite, evolving, and inspiring vision stemming from our artistic and creative community.  Expressing an awakening feel through sound through movement, both entities make up a unifying experience into profound truth made possible through in-depth exploration of the self.  Kalya Scintilla is a pioneering, worldwide known artist stemming from our underground, world fusion, bass scene and has been in a flourishing state for years now, is the mastermind behind psytrance project MerKaBa, and his label, Merkaba Music. Kalya Scintilla’s frequencies revolve around intricate & lush, glitch, bass beats fused in with infinite psychedelia, ancient, & middle eastern melodies. Eve is a awe inspiring Storyteller and Visionary Director revealing stylistic and intentional mythical ritual and comes from an exhilarating background in Theatre. She has illuminated extensive training in numerous fields within this art form such as performance, directing, performance art, and production and has opened her own Children’s Theatre & has evoked further through Evokation Sacred Art, once called Soulvoice


Eve Olution @ Neumos-23

Meeting in 2012 in West Coast, USA, the two merged and began to write ‘Open Ancient Eyes’, a sound healing and theatrical journey which would be brought into balanced existence through ancient literary truth, expansive sonic frequencies, and known and mythical expressive nature.  They eventually began touring Australia together, and have now announced more touring around the world.  Both Yaegon and Eve come from an in-depth, passionate, and expressive understanding of unifying triggers as they’ve been evolving their passion through collaboration, infinite inspiration, and passionate drive which brings transmissions forward with intentional and profound awareness – an activated amplification.  An energetic shift is brought into existence as they share their passions with the world around them.  Intrigued by both Yaegon and Eve’s intention and their numerous accomplishments, I reached out and connected with them as they reveal their inspirations, visions, story behind ‘Open Ancient Eyes’, the next chapter, creative processes, Merkaba Music, the self, harmonic tuning, rituals, writing, their world tour recently announced, their first approaching full theatrical performance at Lucidity this weekend, and more! Like a story unfolds and a tapestry weaves together, they provide a place of remembrance and ancient knowledge which has fractalized into Universal, Cosmic consciousness existence. 




Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution Interview – Profound Truth

1. Such an honor to connect!  I want to congratulate the both of you on all of your creative and inspiring energy, thank you for sharing ancient sound healing & theatrical performance.  What does the present moment feel like? 

Thank you so much. The present moment…feels infinite, expansive, limitless if put into words. haha.

2. Yaegon, you emerged from a Ten day total darkness retreat during the middle of January.  Eve, did you participate as well?  Share with us your experience. What exactly is does it entail?

Yes, we both took the journey. Highly recommended for those who are very mentally active as this experience unravels thoughts (both waking & subconscious) in the most physical and powerful way. Mantak Chia has a center dedicated to this work and you can google his name along with the words “dark technology pdf” and read in detail all the physical benefits of this work, there are many. We are personally hooked and plan to do another one but go for 14days next time. Ideally we’d like to do one once a year. A great “reset” button for the body and mind and super powerful experience on many levels. The best way we can describe it is it’s a time of stripping back the chatter of the mind (this happens without willing yourself to focus on presence) and every day the mind/body slowly peels back the layers until you are physically experiencing your body as palpable presence. After we emerge there is sharp mental clarity, a natural feeling of peace or stillness, and overall tranquility.

3. Eve, you’re a lively, enchanting, energetic ancient myth storyteller, theatrical performer, and art director. Your expression is flawless and intriguing. You’re an intuitive & rhythmic journey. Tell us more about the importance of movement & theatre, and how your personal experience within it has created a profound state of bliss & the overall healing process.  Could you reflect on what occurred in 2009.

Wow, first thank you. It means a lot to me to be received in this way. I’ve felt for a long time the art of live performance  has yet to truly be acknowledged as a powerful medium of transformation in this sub culture. My work aims to anchor in that potential with performance being the conduit for the amplification of being truly alive. I strive to be as raw, real, and ever present as possible in my art and strongly feel that this is an important role to play in igniting audiences and fellow artisans with inspiration to do the same. There is a quote I love, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -h.thurman. That’s what I think has been profoundly healing for me, the awakening and action of coming alive which has lead to moments of states of bliss as well as  indescribable challenges, and sometimes when I’m lucky states that transcend words. 2009 in San Diego, I met exquisite souls who inspired me to co create a performance based on mythological deities. Everyone in the community kept speaking about being a “goddess” or attending “goddess” gatherings but when I asked them if they knew the actual stories of these goddesses they said no. So as a theatre director, I thought “perfect then let’s do that!”. 9 months later we put on the show with this theme, and something palpably powerful happened. The women were bringing thru these archetypes in such a magnetic visceral way…all of us were in awe and changed our lives after that night. This experience opened the doors of ritual theatre to me and true ritual magic. I’ve been creating with these themes ever since under the project now named “evokation sacred art”.

4. Yaegon, was there a particular moment in your life that truly awakened you? Share with us the experience.

There were a serious of awakening events the first being a late night listening session with Herbie Hancock’s album “man child” on vinyl. In this moment I knew in the depths of my soul that music was my highest joy. The second was at an outdoor festival or “bush doof” as we call it in Australia. It was in the northeast of Aus where i received very clearly a deep remembering that music was to be my dharmic path on the earth. Everything changed after that moment.

Yaegon & Eve


5. ‘Evokation Sacred Art’ is a “Ritual Theatre collaborative creations of intentional performance with the focus on healing, awakening, and activating the divinity within all those who are connected to the experience in any way.”  Can you elaborate more on this art form?

Sure, so after the first performance I became enthralled with exploring if this experience could be replicated or was it something that would forever be a mystery. I found I could repeat it and there was a formula to it. Keep in mind, each performance would be different but what would be the same is the strong personal experience of the performers and the strong reactions of the audience. In the past three years I’ve had to travel solo with Yaegon as budget wouldn’t allow us to realistically travel with a troupe of performers. So I began creating one woman shows and began focusing my intention of evoking presence vs. archetypes. Now the experience I collected over all those years are now being funneled into our new productions debuting at Lucidity this year. We are in the very beginning phases but I’m excited to see  how it all comes together as we gain some momentum.

6. Yaegon, ‘Open Ancient Eyes’, is your latest LP.  It’s a beautiful and in-depth journey; it’s a story of the human awakening that follows the plot layout of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell.  It’s a story of truth, love, ancient remembrance, & deep collaboration.  Both of you wrote this together starting in December 2012.  What was the creative process like? Can we expect a follow up?  

I thoroughly enjoy musical story telling and having intention and vision be the framework thru which the vibrations come to life, but this journey in particular was the most challenging because of the nature of the hero’s journey itself. Even if I could fully understand what it means to enter one’s underworld before I took the journey, would I have still have taken it? Definitely.

OAE is the first chapter in multi part saga. OAE is the story of the human awakening and our human bloodlines of the earth , the next chapter will see us diving into the earth itself…not to give too much away.

7. Where are you based out of at the moment? You’ve just announced a European tour, congratulations; What do you guys hope to accomplish in this approaching Summer journey?

Santa Cruz, CA. This summer is about connecting with the global family and bringing our work to festivals we’ve never been to. A big one for us that we are finally getting to be a part of and experience in the legendary Boom festival in Portugal. Often described as the Mothership European festival leading a global example of sustainability/eco consciousness and so much more.

8. How do both forms of your art reflect and help to grow each other and the world around you? What is the overall intention and message behind Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution?

We both are driven by our art and because of that deep dharmic commitment to devotion to our soul mission we grow exponentially as we cheer each other on and live our dream. The living of our soul passion is a beacon of inspiration for others , they cheer us on , we cheer them on and we ALL start thriving. That’s what has been the biggest gift living in a community of people who do that more often than not. The intention and message behind us?…I think we leave that one up to the ones who come to witness. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and if anything I think people really connect with that in whatever way they need that to be.



9. Share with us the importance in tapping into yourself.  What can evoke during the deep exploration of the self?

Simply? Experiencing your soul’s song and waking up to that as your guide for life. Feeling awake  to the grandeur of creation itself. Being able to look out and see the sublime beauty in the smallest things in every moment. Gratitude, deep real gratitude for all of it.

We live so much of our lives in the confusion of our minds which is just one small aspect of our self , our heart is our true compass and guide , so if we can remember and learn how to go inside and touch this place , we will connect more deeply with the truth of who we are and where we are going.

10. Congratulations on Merkaba Music!  It’s been super amazing watching your label flourish into divine existence, thank you for providing Harmonic tuning.  Congratulations on all your personal music/projects as well of course!  Could you elaborate more on the science behind healing through frequency & into Chakra balance?

First and foremost, healing comes thru intention to heal and intending to be healed, so the science of the tuning and frequencies is not as important as a soul connected intention. However, it does make sense to search for a way to deliver this intention with more accuracy. The current western tuning standard of equal temperament is almost completely disharmonic. And even if we pitch our music down to a=432hz , we are still using a disharmonic temperament . Understanding that melody is a key to accessing the emotion body and the cellular memory of a human it makes perfect sense to me to use tunings that create harmonic relationships between the notes.
As far as Chakra balance goes there are equations that show through a scientific lense that the relationship between light and sound is in fact different from the current new age chakra healing model. I feel it is important that we base our methods on solid research and not just follow a trend blindly.
Sound healing does not only mean entering states of bliss. Healing is bringing the light of awareness to the denser parts of us, where old energy is stuck. So we cannot expect to liberate this energy if we just bypass it into realms of imaginary bliss. That is why we move between the shadow and the light in Kalya Scintilla.
Lastly we need to understand that being a healer does not mean forcing healing on those who we might think need to be healed. We have to understand that not everyone is ready to look at their shadow material, let alone transmute it. I feel it’s about creating a realm of potential that others can choose to receive if they are ready.

11. Lucidity, Crossroads, approaches for it’s 5th chapter! This will be the first full theatrical production which follows the mythological story of Open Ancient Eyes.  What can we expect?  How is this different than that of previous performances?

You can expect a timeless story written in universal threads to dance us all awake inside a multi dimensional soundscape of our planet. Sound good? haha. Thus far this has been performed as mainly as a one woman show but now there will be many storytellers on stage giving life to the way this album was originally meant to be experienced.

12. Eve & Yaegon, do you have any daily ritual mantras and/or practices? Outside of music production and performance, what helps to keep you balanced?

Before our feet touch the stage, we set intention and offer to the land, the people and the earth, every single performance. Keeping Balance is actually something we are learning as we go and it is an art form in itself especially on the road. Making sure the basics are strong i.e., enough sleep, healthy eating, meditation practice, ritual, enough time in nature etc. The basics are vital when keeping our bodies, minds, & hearts healthy while traveling, which is no easy feat. We learn better and better techniques as time goes on. Oh ya, & lots of laughter along the way!



13. Transformational festivals are very much profound experiences that can trigger endless inspiration. It personally has for me, especially diving more into the self.  Do you see these transformative experiences as such evolving further and providing more in-depth sustainable living in the future?

We are definitely in an evolution. As we travel the globe we see with our own eyes this is a world movement not just here in the u.s. And what we can see now is that these  festivals are a launching pad for many souls who gain inspiration, like mind connections, then take that out into their world and begin living sustainably or learning more about living in communities or pursuing their true passions or any combination or all of thee above. There is no reason to think this all won’t continue to evolve.  

14. Eve, I’ve noticed you’ve tapped into writing! I’ve read all three in-depth explorations you’ve presented. What other themes can we expect to evolve in the future stemming from this art form?

Haha, oh awesome! Ya, I’ve been sitting on my writings actually. I have learned a lot from my journey with mythology, archetypes, invocation, evocation,  life and have a strong passion to share. I’ve waited quite awhile before I could authentically feel I had something of importance to share about these topics which now have become near and dear to my heart. Many people can speak on theories or ideas, but my interest is in sharing tangible experiences and insight I have acquired along the way. Rooting and grounding these universal metaphors into human experience. I strive to embody what I teach and always continue to learn as a student because these topics are so vast and profound to me. I’m just getting warmed up laying down some basics, I’ll start going deeper into practical ways to integrate these ideas and share more on the ancient stories themselves. I also just opened a soundcloud account to share vocally the stories, embodiment practices, and past vocal works of mine. I’m really excited about getting the stories out there through many mediums. Like I said, I’ve just started. More to come!

15. What does Lucidity mean to you?

The first thing that comes to mind in that question is life as a lucid dream. We are vivid dreamers and love playing with the idea and experience that there is a thin line between the waking and sleeping worlds. The life feels at times like a Lucid dream.

16. Anything else you two would like to share with us?

Thank you for receiving our offerings and thank you to those who take the journey with us. Your love is deeply felt and we feel so blessed to be sharing this life journey with you.


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