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Hedflux – Remixed (Part 2)

by Sofia on December 28, 2015


Hedflux released “Remixed Part 2” on December 14th, 2015 on Luminus Music, and it’s a swirling exploration of psychedelic amalgamations through tech, funk, and glitch soundscapes as they spark stylistic innovations and ever-twisted blend of creativity.  This release brings about 5 re-mixes of classic Hedflux tunes from Bad Tango, Oversoul, Charlie Kane, Martopeter and Tummy Talk, it’s an elevating journey into Non Stop, Revolve, Rhythm Prism, and Wanderlust.  Composed of liquid grooves, rhythmic lush, intentional beats, funky feels, scintillating breaks, and crescendoing psy effects, this journey will expand and flourish through inside-out.  I met Steve at Envision festival this past February, super thrilled to have experienced a live set, as his on-stage presence was very clear, rhythmic, and elevating – the vibe was a jungle path through dance moves, beats, breaks, and swerves.  Aside a dope set, Steve’s authentic and genuine presence makes him a solid friend.

Hedflux is the psychedelic music project of DJ/producer/sound psyentist Steve Young. Originating from Scotland, and immersed in electronic music for more than two decades, Steve started deejaying in 1992 and learned music production at home while pursuing an academic interest in Physics and Mathematics. After graduating in 2004 with a PhD in Quantum Physics, he left academia and spent five years working in the tech industry, during which time a relentless desire to live from the heart inspired him to finally quit employment in 2010 and embody his musical passion completely.

Combining the rhythmic elements of breaks and techno with the sonic geometries of psytrance, Hedflux has become synonymous with the styles known as “psybreaks” or “psychedelic tech-funk”, leading the way for a growing group of artists who resonate with the sound, and bringing together people from separate  musical scenes. The seminal 2010 track “Mindcell” exemplifies the style; spending 10 weeks at the top of the Beatport Breaks chart, and becoming the 3rd top selling tune of the year, Mindcell went on to win the “Best Track” award at the 2011 Breakspoll Awards.  Hedflux has toured extensively across the UK, Europe and Australia for the last five years, and his sound is now diversifying and expanding into more mid-tempo rhythms and grooves. In 2014 he launched his own record label Luminus Music, and is actively working to bring fresh new talent into the fold through his online tutorials, lectures and workshops.

Hedflux will be embarking on his first North American Tour in Spring 2016.

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Hedflux – Remixed (Part 2)

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