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Bassline Drift – Ten Moons

by Sofia on December 19, 2015


Bassline Drift is a unique duo emerging in the underground bass scene.  An enchanting fusion of heavy bass & world beat roots spark truth through angelic drones of the vocalist.  The act involves Keli Marks, a creative and dope producer hailing from Austin, Texas, and an alluring vocalist, “Sink” Lindsay from New York, whom happened to encounter each other on soundcloud.  Aside being spectacular artists, they’re both genuine beings with passionate drive.  I met Keli at the Green Belt in ATX last two Summer’s ago through a good friend of mine, Alex (he’s also an artist).  And this past summer, I got the chance to meet Sink when she flew down from NY to ATX for their first live performance together at Spider House Ballroom.  Awaiting their first performance together, I was eager to check them out.  Flawless. Imaginative.  Intriguing. Passionate. Dynamic. They blew my mind away!


This September, they released their first full-length album entitled, “Ten Moons” – it’s an in-depth, emotive, and elevating experience through hard hitting basslines, hauntingly beautiful lyrics, genius composition, and mysterious feels – it’s an escape into duality, a conjoining force of two breathtaking souls.  Be ready to embark on a journey of endless feels as each artist brings a unique voice to the groove.  The release consists of 7 tracks: 6 original, and 1 remix of “Bassline Drift” by Froogle.  The duo also soon fell into the eyes of Gravitas Recordings, and since have released a couple singles through that outlet.  Discover a fresh taste of innovative style as each artist inspires each other through growing life experiences that have brought them together.

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Bassline Drift – Ten Moons

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