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A Path Untold – Secret Subtle Light

by JM on December 16, 2015

A Path Untold - Secret Subtle Light

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve personally written a review for the website. A Path Untold is one of the few releases I actually listened too in its entirety in a long time in one sitting. Everything about it I enjoyed. The problem was that when I was listening to it, I didn’t realize it wasn’t tagged properly since it was sent to me via zip and couldn’t find anything about A Path Untold. It took me a few hours to track down the origins of the zip. It was from a close friend Mike Folk (1/2 of Aligning Minds).

The reason I couldn’t find anything about A Path Untold was because this was the first release coming out of the new label Aligning Minds Records. I was completely floored and excited at the same time because it meant a new label to showcase the chill, downtempo, psychedelic vibe. This album encompasses all of those emotions and tones. This is the perfect album to put on when you want to relax and meditate.

I don’t know much about A Path Untold personally but Mike just let me know there will be a remix album coming out soon. I’m looking forward to hearing the reinterpretations of some of these tracks. Mike also let me know that Aligning Minds Records will be putting out a new Aligning Minds album in 2016 as well as an entirely new release from A Path Untold. Keep your ears out for those as I’m sure they’ll be top notch releases for 2016.


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A Path Untold – Secret Subtle Light

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