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niceFingers | Dreamery

by Tara on June 17, 2014

niceFingers’ new release Dreamery is definitely reminiscent of a dream, taking listeners on a funky cosmic journey laced with deep basslines and exquisite melodies. From time to time I listen to niceFingers’ album Intercontinental Beat Collection and enjoy its diverse brilliant sounds. Dreamery takes it to a whole new level. It is this kind of timeless, stunning music that I never tire of. You see, unlike trap, moombah, or other genre “trends”, I enjoy easy listening that just sounds undeniably good whether you are listening today or a few years from now. This album is the quintessence of that sentiment. The album is well thought out from start to finish, provoking thought and emotion in listeners. It is just the right length to keep you engaged; there is no dreaded “filler”. This could be the lush soundtrack to an adventure to another planet with other lifeforms. If so, then I’m ready.

The album starts off right with Ecliptic. It has a bright, emotive intro that tugs on your heart strings as if they are part of a massive harp spanning time and space.  Then enter the funk. Groovy melodic beats lace the remainder of this truly enjoyable track, getting listeners excited for the album to come. Kaleidos starts of with pretty melodic intro (I’m all about the beautifully slow-building intros), then incorporates fun and interesting jungle vibes that keep building and put you in a trance for the rest of the track. Delirium blends in some retro beats nicely but it doesn’t lose the futuristic feel of the album. Kyrstyn Pixton’s heavenly vocals in Subduction add a fresh element into the mix at just the right time. This track is buttery smooth sailing and is so easy on the ears. Fun bleeps and bloops make up Cosmosis, which is uplifting and somehow seems to crunch and stretch you out all at once. The album ends beautifully with Dreamery, a rich and ethereal soundscape that stirs up fervent feelings.

So much imagery comes to mind in the listening of this album; it gives me nostalgia for out of this world psychedelia as well as times and places that I haven’t even experienced firsthand. It is textured and tells a story, weaving together the fabric of unreality.

Check out niceFingers’ Dreamery below (pay what you want download!).


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