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Afro Monk – Glitch-Hop Memoirs | Glitch Classics

by JM on June 3, 2014

I’ve put together a mix that tells the story of glitch-hop to me. This mix features some of the most influential producers that inspired me to start this blog and become a DJ.

The goal was to showcase what I considered Glitch-hop. The recent definition of glitch-hop in 2014 is very different from what I called around 2009 era. Glitch-hop was much more related to hip-hop and remixes done in the 90-110 BPM range. The common theme was that there were glitched up edits and effects. Today it’s usually tied to what I call Midtempo breaks. It’s also become a lot closer to dubstep and even into a new subgenre of glitch-hop that we call neuro-hop. It’s a cross of the heavy aggressive dubstep music at a lower BPM than 140. This is of course my personal opinion but it’s worth noting that this mix features the early days of glitch-hop or even sometimes called laser bass.

One of the underlying reason I created this was to almost say good-bye to my DJ career. I’ve stopped taking gigs for the most part and no longer play every week. I’m burnt out. The past year and a half I was playing on a weekly basis for a minimum of 90mins. It was a blast but I’m exhausted and thought creating an old school glitch-hop mix would be fun. The early days I felt like I had no clue of what I was doing but knew what I wanted to do. This is me going back and creating a mix that’s a bit more polished and could listen to and reminisce of those times. Majority of these producers have evolved for obvious reasons and cool to hear these tracks and compare to their modern day music. It’s also going to be great to reference later to all the new people

I hope you enjoy this mix.

Nothing but love goes out to these artist. I can’t thank them enough for providing such incredible memories. I was going through a rough time in my life when I first started this blog and DJing. Music really got me through this pain and filled that empty hole.

Producers Featured: Virtual Boy, Samples, edIT, NastyNasty, EPROM, Ooah, ill-ēsha, ill.Gates, The Glitch Mob, Freddy Todd, Mimosa, MartyParty, Of Porcelain, Kraddy, Nosaj Thing, Pretty Lights, Nalepa, and Bil Bless

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Afro Monk – Glitch-Hop Memoirs | Glitch Classics

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