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Booms and Claps Compilation

by Molly on May 27, 2014

Booms and Claps is a West Coast based collective of bass music lovers, who review singles and albums, as well as cover events through their website. ”Where wonky meets beautiful meets gangster” is the site motto, which is a platform I can definitely get behind, and as I know some of the writers personally, I know their passion for discovering and promoting cutting edge, high quality music is real.

As one of the first major projects, the site has released a really well put together and dynamic compilation, Booms and Claps Vol.1. The lineup of contributors is really dope, composed of variety of producers ranging from established members of the bass music community such as Profresher, Guttstar, Yheti, and The Digital Connection, to exciting up and comers like Perkulat0r,+verb’s new project, Max Vibrationz, and Boats, along with a variety of artists I hadn’t heard of before.

The compilation showcases a range of bass music styles, circling through a multitude of aesthetics and feels, bringing you in and out of both foreign and familiar musical landscapes. Being that the artists involved were handpicked by the Booms and Claps staff, it is safe to assume all of the producers involved with the project are here to stay, so this compilation is a great chance to get familiar with some of them. Listen to some of my favorite tracks on the compilation, Profresher’s “Owl Day”, Swagu’s “Niteboi”, and Dalton Richmond’s “High End” below.

As a writer for a small scale publication, I always appreciate other websites that are keepin the underground bass blog world alive and I look forward to hearing much more from the Booms and Claps writers in the future.

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Love and Low Frequencies,

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