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Bluetech Interview: LIVE at Art Outside 2013

by Sofia on December 19, 2013


During my time at Art Outside, I had the pleasure of sitting in with Bluetech, a psybient producer who creates a varied selection of downtempo/ambient music using digital synthesizers and software production. Evan Bartholomew’s passion for music and tropical plants is unreal. He talks about what inspires him on a daily basis, giving back to the community, and his view/opinion in regards to what he thinks is key in today’s highly competitive music production/styles. Below is a LIVE recording of my interview with Evan.

“…every morning I go out and I go check, with my cup of tea, and see what’s got new leaves on it- that totally inspires me to go in the studio.”

 “… and it’s not even a particular style, it’s music that has soul and you can hear it right away whatever the genre is.”

 “…you know, if music is about community, and about life, and about love, and about creating energy, then it should also give back and feed something other than just me and my own ego…”

“…the only way to win at the quote on quote, “game”, is to not play the game… to focus on being the best you can possibly be with your own individual voice; to speak the things that are in your own heart; to strive for the goals that you set for yourself, and respond to the things that move you…”

Editors Pick
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