Art Outside 2013 Recap/Visual Artists

by Sofia on November 21, 2013

Welcome to a place filled with endless possibilities– welcome to Art Outside. I say “endless possibilities” because of the immense amount of creativity and inspiration I felt and witnessed this October weekend. The seventh annual music and arts festival that was hosted by Art Seen Alliance took place on October 18th-21st 2013 at Apache Pass, TX – about an hour drive outside of the nation’s music capitol –Austin, Texas. Alongside music and art, other features included: onstage performances, yoga, workshops, and camping, which brought light to this collaborative effort of like-minded individuals.

One of my favorite aspects of this year’s musical lineup was its showcase of a wide variety of musical genres! Walking through the grounds of this family-friendly gathering, my ear-pineal was in for a treat. Dispersed over three stages (The Main Stage, The Dome, and Folk stage) were the sounds of folk, psychedellic, funk, glitch, down tempo, and bass – all which encompassed a soulful approach. Musical acts included both local and national acts such as: Bluetech, Bird of Prey, Brede, Desert Dwellers, Earphunk, Erika Maassen, Flying Balalaika Brothers, Happy Happy James, Ishi, Itchy-O, Kayla scintilla, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Love & Light, Luminaries, Michael Garfield, Nadis Warriors, One4All, Psymbionic, The Fungineers, The Polish Ambassador, Thriftworks, Wildlight, Zoogma and tons more!

The art installations surrounding the entire campsite were remarkable. There was literally Art Outside. Some favorites included “The Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic”, -an interactive mathematical musical experience like none other designated as the Cafe Portal for Burning Man 2013 and created to expand your mind. Also displayed was visual artist Jason Smith’s (aka Bild ∞D’s, a member of ‘Third Coast Visions’- a collective of live artists) 9-foot watermelon tourmaline installation, which triggered lighting by an RGB LED, creating interchangeable coloring throughout the weekend. Other creative visual artists collaborating throughout the fest included the names of Tourmaline Todd, Miranda Lewis, Todd Bot, Chance Roberts, Michael Garfield, and Erin Guthrie. These Austinite artists live-painted throughout the event -some having their personal art displayed throughout the fest and/or having their art featured in an air art open gallery that was built by the Main Stage.

Aside the music, visuals, and décor, there was more yumminess in store: food and beverages. Favorite meals of mine were the mouth-watering savory and sweet crepes. One could also find themselves devouring on organic and luscious nourishment such as homemade chocolate smoothies, gyros, fruit, veggie meals and other treats. One sweet new feature at this year’s Art Outside fest was a Tea House, which featured rugs for lounging, a very peaceful environment featuring mind-blowing artwork.

I walked out of ArtOutside feeling inspired and rejuvenated. It’s like everyone I interacted with during the fest was feeding off of each other, communicating on another level, and growing together with collaboration. I definitely recommend this local festival to anyone and everyone of all ages, all of my out-of-staters. Come get down in downtown Texas and come experience an intimate setting full of fun, creativity, friends, and talent…but be sure to bring your own piece of the puzzle. Thank you Warren McKinney and the whole Art Seen Alliance crew!


**Check out what some of the visual artist’s at this year’s Art Outside had to say!

“Art Outside is an artist’s paradise, which provides free range to paint whatever, wherever and whenever. It invites patrons to reflect and participate in the experience of the weekend.”     -Tourmaline Todd


“It’s rare to feel so at home at a festival but AO really makes you feel like you just don’t want to leave. My favorite part, honestly, was the people –the artists and the guests. They were the most beautiful souls I’ve had the pleasure of co-creating with in a great while (since last year’s AO)…I could go on tirelessly about how brilliant all of the visual art was that I saw on display throughout the grounds and especially inside the gallery. In the meantime, I’ve noticed a resurgence of inspiration and motivation from myself and fellow artists of wanting to prolong the feeling that we shared at AO. I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say that Art Outside was, in fact, a transformational event.” -Todd Bot


“Watermelon Tourmaline” Art Installation

“Art Outside 2012 was the first time I had ever built an installation. I went into it feeling very unsure and apprehensive, wondering if I even had any business doing it at all. I left AO feeling very different. I was so welcomed as a new artist and inspired by literally everything, that I couldn’t wait to work harder to be able to contribute more to this electric, eclectic environment. I still feel this urge today and it drives what I do artistically. I adore Art Outside for giving me this… but the best part is… this year.. I was given the pleasure of witnessing the same confidence and inspiration being sown into countless others, and I am beyond proud to be a part of it all. Art on my friends. Art on.” –Jason Smith




“Art for me is all about those feel good endorphins you release when you are doing something that is creative and unique. Laying down colors, images, and patterns that represent my day and night. Dreams are what really gets me going creatively. I juxtapose my inspirations from various artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt, images I photograph on hikes, and patterns from fabrics that I have collected either physically or digitally. I have chosen painting as a medium because you can even get up to your elbows in it if you need to and really feel the energy. Get messy. Show your process. Cover it up. It’s me that I’m painting in one way or the next. It’s a window. I don’t even know what it means most of the time. And that’s life.” – Miranda Lewis

“I make art because it’s the only thing that feels right, it connects me to things I cant begin to describe in words; sometimes it even looks good and can take other people on the journey with me. There is something to be said in the power of making something with your hands, and then sharing that experience with people; it dissolves barriers and allows you to connect in a very personal way. It’s the only way I know how to open my heart to people, in all honesty. I am beyond blessed with the company I get to share life with, and my art is my offering to all of them; it’s an attempt to raise the vibrations of everyone involved and to help us grow into the best humans we can be.” – Chance Roberts



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