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Hecka ❘ Artist Spotlight

by Molly on July 4, 2013

Sometimes I listen to an album way too much. Like waaaay too much. Case in point, Hecka’s The Cheese (although at the time it was released under the creator’s most notable moniker, Grimblee, he has changed it to Hecka since then). I listened to that EP so much last summer that my friends would walk into my house and be like “oh, you’re listening to Grimblee…again”. I never got sick of it and I still listen to every song on it pretty regularly. I was kind of amazed by the release since I was quite familiar with Grimblee as a producer and although I held him in very high regards skill wise, I’m not super into heavy dubstep, so therefore I wasn’t super into his music. But after exploring the work he has done under Hecka, I am tempted to go back to his older stuff and re-examine it, because obviously his range is really impressive and his set I saw at Infrasound a few weeks ago was a ton of fun.

Hecka’s music is influenced by an aesthetic I have been alluding to a lot in my posts recently. It’s a sound I am obsessed with and seek out passionately. Soulful and retro, heavy in melody and grandiose, it’s big, it trots on the border of epic and cool versus coked out and cheesy, but his skill and overall high quality taste keeps it from slipping too far the wrong way (although I’d totally be lying if I said I’m not down for the coked out cheese music :p I just know it’s not everyone’s forte). You can also hear some serious Juke and Garage influence in the drums, making it a hypnotizing and interesting listen. So far he’s released two albums under Hecka –Personal Thoughts and now, The Cheese, both for free download, both amazing. Plus I’ve been loving every track on his soundcloud. All around fun and dance floor ready stuff, I recommend it to anyone looking for some fresh and unique vibed out summer beats. Sounds even better when played outside in the sunshine!

Love and Low Frequencies,

The Cheese by Hecka

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