Pretty Lights | The Making of A Color Map of the Sun

by JM on June 17, 2013

Pretty Lights has not released a full album for two years now. The renown sampled based artist has been hard at work on this new upcoming album, A Color Map of the Sun. Derek Vincent Smith released his documentary that explains how the album was put together. I just finished watching it and completely blown away by the extensive process that went into this album. I would say going forward it would be wrong to call Pretty Lights a sample based producer. Pretty Lights has transformed into a music composer with this album. Contrary to his original process of sampling vinyl records he gathered an orchestra of musicians to record what he had in his head and then pressed it all to vinyl. The complete album was recorded and done in analogue. The synthesis elements of the album were all done with modulators and analogue sounds, NOT digital. The recordings were done on tape and then pressed to vinyl. The end result was a custom crate of vinyl that was created for Derek to use while arranging and piecing together all the recordings into what is the final album.

This past week-end I spent it in Colorado for Sonic Bloom. I had the opportunity to talk to many predominate musicians and producers while at the festival. One of the main questions I asked many of them was where music is going next… Every musician I spoke to mentioned the hybridization of live instruments mixed with the electronic sound. The main artist that was mentioned in every conversation was Pretty Lights and what he was doing with this new album, A Color Map of the Sun.

I believe that if anyone ever doubted Pretty Lights and his future should really think about saying those words… Derek has created a master piece and we haven’t even heard the completed work yet. This album will set the bar for the future. Everyone speaks of this new era of revitalizing the old sounds of soul, jazz, funk, etc… with electronic production. Pretty Lights has done just that and has recorded everything from scratch to the vocals, instruments, and synthesis. We are now in 2013 and Pretty Lights A Color Map of the Sun will become a staple of electronic music for our generation.

Be sure to Pre-order A Color Map of the Sun.
One of the things I’m most excited about this album is the fact that he will be releasing all the live recordings.

Now take a look inside the making of the album below…

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