Emissions West Coast Bass Culture | Festival Review

by Tara on June 5, 2013

Wow… Emissions! I haven’t stopped beaming since I left Belden Town. Still vibing off of that incredible weekend! It was seriously soul melting, mind bending goodness…. the kind of soul melting wherein a massive pot of glistening liquid gold is created from radiant auras fusing together as one.  I could feel everyone’s true essences around me. Throughout the festival the stoke was so high everywhere you looked. Shenanigans, good cheer, and beauty were all breathed into Belden that weekend. Actually, I think our spirits still resonate in the woods there.

Since Emissions I still daydream of wandering aimlessly throughout the grounds… under lovely tree arches and into the camp of some gnomes or wood pixies or river goddesses, along the flowing water where lovers lie in hammocks, through galleries of awe-inspiring four-dimensional artwork, to a bumpin’ renegade cabin party, through the marketplace with masters of artisan craft, to the beautifully made stages laced with body thwomping bass, to the everclear river waters with friends galore on floaties. Never a dull moment in that place. One thing I really loved about Emissions was observing (well… partaking in rather) the juxtaposition of day and night. One moment it was pleasantly hot and we were all frolicking in the icy yet refreshing river… the next it was dark so the freaks and night wolves came out to play and howl at the moon. The collection of people was as amusing as it was inspiring. We’ve got grungy gremlin types who are looking for trouble, giggling day trippers sipping on mimosas, elder wanderers with wisdom etched into the wrinkles in their skin, straight ragers doing beer bongs on rafts, gorgeous wood nymph ladies dancing, artists seeking a canvas for their next masterpiece, and a plethora of other characters. And the beauty of it is that I never witnessed any sort of clash between these vastly different individuals; we came together as one in harmony and appreciation for life and bass. Weekend warriors unite.

The performers and PK Sound systems were ON PAR. I will admit that I can be picky with my music and am not one to hesitate to express when I’m not really digging something. I don’t think that happened once throughout Emissions… there wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t feeling the groove of the music and amazing people surrounding me! I guess that’s what happens when you bring the vital forces of the west coast bass music scene together as one in collaboration and manifestation. I know that I as well as every other participant wholeheartedly recognize and appreciate what went down that weekend!

Big ups to Camp Question Mark, PK Sound, all of those who worked hard to make the weekend what it was, and especially to the bass family for joining in for an unforgettable time. Oh, and also to the guy who acquired a loving pet squirrel while on acid during The Polish Ambassador’s set. Too good not to mention.


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