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Desto | Emptier Streets

by JM on May 28, 2013

Desto has been one of my favorite producers for quite awhile now. Whenever I get the chance I’ll sneak in No Sleep into my set. He has been releasing singles and EPs for around 5 years now. He hasn’t released a LP since his debut as Desto. June 10th 2013 is the official release date for Desto’s first LP, Emptier Streets, on Rwina Records. It makes a lot of sense that Rwina is the label of choice for this album. It totally has that unique style and sound that all their artist bring to the table.

The trap movement has taken over but their are still a grip of producers who are making this atmospheric space crunk sound and Desto is one of them. The sound design and spacey feel to his sound makes for quite an enjoyable auditory experience. I will say that Emptier Streets reminds me a lot of Eprom’s Metahuman. It’s the closest thing that sounds remotely close to this release. Considering that Metahuman is considered by many as one of the better albums of 2012, you could say this is one of the best of 2013.

Be sure to pre-order this one on vinyl! As a person who strictly only orders LP’s lately. This one is an instant buy. Big ups to Desto on this one and for Rwina for pushing the bar further and further!

Pre-order Desto – Emptier Streets

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Desto | Emptier Streets

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