Penthouse Penthouse ❘ Artist Spotlight

by Molly on May 2, 2013

The last few days, the soulful and smooth beats of Penthouse Penthouse have been gracefully playing on repeat in the background of my life. I originally thought I didn’t know much about the two dudes behind this collaboration project , Preston James and Mike Parvizi (Papi), but I recently figured out that Preston James is Preston Walker from the excellent live electronic duo, Virtual Boy, a group I really loved after first seeing them perform live in 2010 but haven’t heard much from the last couple years.

Their name fits perfectly with their style of music, alluding to long nights that turn into early mornings on a top floor penthouse suite, Moët in hand, silk sheets, and booty all around. Penthouse Penthouse is part of the always impressive Team Supreme, a collective of top notch producers that take part in what’s basically a weekly beat competition, in which each producer is given an artist chosen BPM, two samples, one transition sound, and one remix and then creates a one minute track that is put together with everyone else’s into a podcast. I love the idea, it’s super fun, but not only that, the execution is amazing, for every producer involved in the project as well as the guests they choose are incredible. I was introduced to Penthouse Penthouse through their Team Supreme entries, but have now fallen in love with the work they’ve already put out on their soundcloud and can’t wait to hear more from the two.

Love and Low Frequencies,

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