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Re:Creation – Bicycle Day | April 19 | 1015 Folsom

by Tara on April 18, 2013

Want to free your mind and open your senses to all possibilities? Come experience transcendence while surrounded with beautiful spirits inside and out at Re:Creation – Bicycle Day. On April 19th at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, this one is not to be missed. Not only will your eardrums be blessed with the finest low frequencies but your eyes will have the pleasure of feasting on the most stunning art and visuals imaginable.

Alex and Allyson will be present and will speak about psychedelic realms and their visionary art. This is quite the opportunity; I was able to listen in on one of their workshops at Burning Man and was blown away. Tribe13 will also have a gallery there; their awe-inspiring haven at Symbiosis was unforgettable. The experience will be all-encompassing… there will be aerial performers, body painting, a tea lounge, incredible live painting, and so much more.

Let’s get to the music. Shpongle will be bringing the weirdness with a DJ set. Having not seen him since his Shpongletron Experience, I’m pretty stoked to see what he’ll bring to the dancefloor. Random Rab will be crooning to us on top of his stunning beats; I could never tire of his unparalleled live performance. Bluetech will bring us to another dimension with his flowy textured sounds. And Kaminanda will blow everyone away with his intricate, deep resonations. I am also extremely excited for one of my favorites, MiHKAL; his mixes are my go-to chill out vibe music. The Ritual / Irie Cartel basement will have it’s own radical feel with Neba vs. Trevor Kelly, Ro vs. Foobz, and Kitt vs. Johnny5. Guaranteed to be a blast down there. The thing I love the most about 1015 Folsom is how the aura shifts completely as you meander from room to room. Sometimes I feel like a chameleon while exploring the place…. And I love it!

Believe me, you don’t want to miss the once in a lifetime chance to gain VIP early and private access to the gallery; mingle with the artists, musicians, and performers; get an autograph from Alex Grey; and connect with those most involved in this spiritual evolution. Those with VIP access will be welcomed into the sphere to enjoy two hours of meet and greet and immersion!

Together we will journey through the cosmos and become united through our common spiritual transformation. It’s us, the participants, who will be the flowing lifeblood of the experience.
Grab your tickets for Re:Creation – Bicycle Day, brought to you by Euphonic Conceptions, An-Ten-Nae, Challenger, New Earth, Beat Church, Ritual Dubstep & 1015, HERE. Come play!

Also, grab the phenomenal Bicycle Day compilation for free!


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