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Aligning Minds | My Heart is Love

by JM on January 29, 2013

I’ll NEVER forget the moment I was introduced to Aligning Minds music. It was while I was in Asheville, NC for a show. Mike Folk, 1/2 of Aligning Minds, was playing an early morning set in the small barn they had set up. I was totally blown away by everything he played. After that set Mike and I have become close friends and stay in touch on a regular basis.

I recently finally met Daniel over the summer and was beyond impressed by the live dynamic both of them bring to a live performance. The quality and detail that goes into their music is rare. Lets not even get into the fact that beautiful music like this doesn’t come around often enough.

Give it up to Gravitas Recordings to bring you Aligning Minds most recent release, My Heart Is Love. The title track might be a bit familiar to you as it was released on Vermin Street earlier last year. This is the completed LP that includes the full spectrum of sound behind Aligning Minds.

I’m extremely bias and adore these guys so much but it’s for a reason. They make some of the most inspiring music out there. My Heart Is Love is a piece of work that showcases a gorgeous vibration of sound and emotion. I can’t encourage producers enough to produce more music like this. It’s a blessing to finally hear the final mastered versions of these tracks. Chances are you might have heard some of these in my recent mixes.

Be sure to grab this album and give it a proper listen. Also big congratulations to them for being added to the Re:evolution Agency. Word on the street is they’ll be all over the country in 2013.

Much Love goes out to both Mike and Daniel!
Stunning piece of work <3

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Aligning Minds | My Heart is Love

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