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Defunk | Artist Spotlight

by JM on January 27, 2013

It is not very often that I completely obsess over all a producers work. You’ll hear me talk a lot about diversity frequently. I haven’t felt so good about telling you all about a producer in awhile because the spark is rarely there for me. Now I present to you one of my favorite producers. He has reminded me that sometimes it’s ok to dance around and just party. It’s going to be really hard to play sets and not play 3-4 tracks from him, it’s that good.

Introducing… Defunk


Alright so there’s no way to describe this guys music besides that he’s a master of using samples and creating some of the most elaborate remixes. This is not to say that he strictly does remixes but he brings some classic pieces of music into this new world of electronic music that will have you wonder if the original is even worth listening to anymore.

Defunk has generally one common factor in all his work, It’ll make you move! I’ve been shying away from listening to dance music but wow if I ever wanted to remind myself that sometimes music can be tasteful as well as create a party, this is it.

I will also say that as I start preparing to dive into the studio and produce my first release. Defunk is becoming a major inspiration for me. Right now I’m stacking tons of classic funk, soul, swing, jazz, etc… and I hope to create a classic downtempo release. Defunk’s music has many of these elements as its backbone and it’s mind blowing to hear how he has restored an old sound into something so breath taking. I only dream of being able to accomplish such a task.

I ‘ve attached his recent Winter mix below but be on the look out for a new release from him in the coming future. Ultimately this mix consist of a little of everything and totally love how he has pieced it together. I will warn all of you that it does get pretty heavy but it’s not the focus. It’s definitely a party mix and highly recommend listening to it. Now if you want to have a crazy experience just skip all the mixes and listen to each of his tracks one by one. The best part is that you can download almost everything on his soundcloud. Big up man. This is a DJ’s goldmine. Enjoy!

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