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by JM on December 11, 2012

electronic awakening
Electronic Awakening is documentary put together by Andrew Johner about the rave/festival culture. It’s one of the better films I’ve watched about the current scene today. The focus is on overall community that has been built and the culture it has started across the world.

The documentary covers tons of interviews from key players in the community from visionary artist, authors, musicians, promoters, and many others who have contributed to this giant movement. If you’ve never been to a large outdoor electronic festival this film will give you a glimpse into the festival scene.

I can’t tell you how many flashbacks and amazing memories rushed back into after watching the film. It’s astounding how big the culture and community has grown. There are small tribes and groups of people coming together all across the world building these events and coming together to celebrate life, love, music, art, and creativity. I’ve had to luxury of attending my first festival in 2009 which changed my life. Growing up in Miami, FL and big city life I never had been exposed to such events or strong community. Lightning in a Bottle was when I discovered this massive awakening inside. There is nothing like sharing these moments in time dancing, networking, sharing ideas, and coming together. I’m very isolated living in Miami and must travel to these events to feel like I belong. These events bring all of us together and awaken a deeper consciousness to the things around us. There are so many unique and different people out there who we may never encounter in our day to day life but these festivities give us an outlet of expression in any which way we want to use.

This film is something I recommend to many as it shows that even if there are politics, popularity contest, and more that we deal with in this community we need to focus on the greater good. There is more than drugs, sex, and music in this culture. Despite as tainted as it seems and almost a revitalization of the hippie movement there is a greater good at work which brings us all together. This films covers so many different aspects that make me proud to be part of this movement. All the interviews, music, video footage, etc… really give you a small taste and glimpse of this giant community.

Be sure to check out more information at Electronic Awakening.

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