JoJo Tea – Miami Based Tea Company

by JM on December 3, 2012

JoJo Tea Miami
has introduced me to the world of tea. I’ve been addicted to iced tea and lemonade for the past few years. Unfortunately I have to admit that I was hooked to those Arizona Ice Tea tall cans for .99 cents at gas stations. I soon discovered that these cans contain high fructose corn syrup. I decided to cut down on drinking these. My new obsession has been trying out loose leaf tea hot tea.

One of my best friends, Michael Ortiz, recently started a tea company of his own, JoJo Tea. He has built the company from the ground up and offers some of the best tea I’ve had. He approached me about helping him get started with a website. It has been a few months since we launched the site and it has been going great. The focus the past few months has been getting JoJo Tea into popular restaurants across Miami. He has had great success in accomplishing this and is carried across multiple locations such as: Michael’s Genuine, Eating House, Yard Bird, Panther Coffee, and more.

I wanted to write a blog post help promoting the JoJo Tea brand because I believe that many readers on the blog might be interested in hearing about a small business focused on providing quality tea to the masses. JoJo Tea currently might only be available to the local market but I’m sure if you’re interested in trying JoJo Tea he’ll be able to supply you with some. If you’re wanted to try some and would like it to be shipped to you contact JoJo directly at [email protected]

You can find a full list of all the tea he carries in their Tea Menu. They offer all sorts of different types of green, black, white, and oolong tea. You can either purchase loose leaf tea or small pyramid bags.

Be on the look out for JoJo Tea’s new home brewed ice tea. There are also unique syrup blends that they are working on if you’re into sweeteners. There’s quite a variety of flavors in the works in regard to ice tea!

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