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Michal Menert | Slivers of Light | Elements EP

by JM on November 28, 2012

Michal Menert just put a brand new track called Silvers of Light. The track is the first of four tracks that will make up a new EP called Elements. Elements will focus around the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. Silvers of Light is the Fire track and was written during the summer fires in Colorado, his home state. The goal is to release the EP with the four tracks and possibly additional tracks on a 10″ Vinyl release.

I’m a huge supporter of Michal Menert and believe he’s one of the few pioneers of our time when it comes to chill out and sample based music. The way he combines and mixes classic music is unparalleled. We all know who Pretty Lights is but it’s sad to hear how few don’t know who Michal Menert is especially since the first Pretty Lights album “Taking Up Your Precious Time” was co-produced with Menert. I’ve had the luxury of spending some time with Michal this summer and the man is a true artist. Despite what you may think of sample based artist this guy has a work ethic and attitude that is quite rare. It’s not about making the biggest dance hit, it’s about creating something beautiful and long lasting.

The conversation came up online on if it’s too soon to start thinking best releases of 2012 and one of the first albums I mentioned was, Even If It’s Not Right, Michal’s most recent release. I recommend checking out his two full length LP as they are the perfect soundtrack to any mood in my opinion. There aren’t enough words for me to praise Michal on the direction he takes when it comes to music. He is one of those unique producers like Emancipator that doesn’t really focus on creating dance floor hits but creating emotions and stories with their music. It’s also always a treat seeing him play as he plays live with his MPC and APC40. There’s not easy play button in his live setup. Be sure to check him out if you have a chance as he’s on a tour with PLM label mates, Break Science.

Check out the track below:

DOWNLOAD @ Michal Menert – Elements EP

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Michal Menert | Slivers of Light | Elements EP

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