QuNexus | Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller

by JM on November 1, 2012


Introducing the next new controller from Keith McMillen Instruments! I recently got the QuNeo and was very impressed. It lived up to everything I expected.

They’ve launched a new KickStarer campaign to fund it and recommend jumping on it sooner than later as they ship on a first fund basis (I’m pretty sure).

Watch the video below and be blown away! I’m considering on grabbing one just to learn how to play piano. I could see myself integrating this into my setup versus the QuNeo. I use an Akai APC40 as my main controller and didn’t see myself learning how to finger drum anytime soon vs focusing right now on learning how to play piano.

I think the video covers most of the applications and info you need. Your next step is to help fund this product. Right now I’m debating on when I should order it considering I can’t right now but I’m hoping this goes viral.

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