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Kalya Scintilla | Remixed

by JM on October 31, 2012

Kalya Scintilla is one of those producers I hope you’ve all come across before. As much as I would like to say there’s plenty of music like this that I really enjoy out there, I can’t. The good part is that this album totally met all the expectations I had. Every single one of the producers who remixed Kalya Scintilla tracks did an incredible job. You always have to worry about a few that sneak in that you wonder this doesn’t really work but nope. They all take the original sound and translate it in a way that gives it their own personal style but will most likely appeal to the fans of Kalya Scintilla.

I’ve almost striven to keep my post to people I’ve interacted a bit with. After all these reviews or takes on music are just for you to check out. You might hate my I love or love what I hate but this is where I get to say what I think =) And this is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year! This was enjoyed while just hanging out in the living room chillen. It’s Halloween and this album create the perfect way to enjoy a night in away from this crazy world. Releases like these are the type you always hope for. Your favorite artist remix something you already love plus you discover new ones totally make you dig deeper and look for that special gem. The best part is you know you’ve already hit gold on this one.

I’m hoping that in the near future I’ll get to met the creator of this original music. This summer I missed all the opportunities and the stars didn’t align. My understanding is that he is from Australia which might make it difficult but you never know lately. Despite all that I’m sure they will be a chance eventually and that’s what counts. It will bring me great pleasure to shake the hand of his. That all said lets not forget the talented team of producers that represent this collection of music. It’s a special thing when you see a mix of artist come together to create something so outstanding standing alone as well as a union.

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