Lunacy Festival Is Here!

by Tara on October 26, 2012

I can’t wait for the transformative convergence that will be Lunacy, starting today. I’ll be meeting up with the best of friends in a stunning location with some of the most talented DJs in the scene and mindblowing installation art. What’s there to complain about?

Anyone who can possibly make it to Lunacy should make it happen; this will be one for the books. To reiterate how ballin’ the lineup is, here ya go:

Electronic Performers:

VibeSquaD : An-Ten-Nae : Random Rab : NastyNasty

Salva : Janover : Andreilien (Heyoka) : Stephan Jacobs

Sugarpill : ill-esha : Russ Liquid : +verb : Clicks & Whistles

Digital Rust : Thriftworks : ChrisB. : GoldRush : Rook

Quade (Bartek DJ Set) : Kaminanda : Jupit3r : jOBOT

MiHKAL : Bogl : Tha Fruitbat : Auditory Canvas : WALA

Ratchet : Pope : Kitty-D : WolfBitch : Dabis : Mr. Mouse

Cumulus : Black 22s : René Lomeli : Archive 95

Electric Dandelion : Sharu : Grewvangle

Live Performers:

EOTO : Love in the Circus : Delhi 2 Dublin : Akara

Mimi Page : Tropo : The Genie : Vokab Kompany

Continuum : Howlin Woods : Whiskey Piss : Rainbow Girls

Tribal Spectrum : Saint Anne’s Place :Boombox Orchestra

Comfort Machine : Givers and Takers


So, make it happen kids! You won’t regret it. Get your tickets here and I will see you under the oak trees!


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