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Sissy Ross | Artist Spotlight

by JM on October 25, 2012

Sissy Ross

Sissy Ross is one those hidden gems that I believe deserve more attention. I became familiar with her when I was living in Dallas for awhile. She played a few Silent Discos that I was at and never really gave much attention too for some reason. I had added her on Facebook and started to see her make really inspirational post as well as posting AMAZING music. I finally took the time to check out one of her mixes online and totally was blown away. I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop if you believe it or not but I decided to check out a few of her mixes and realized how wrong I was assuming what it would sound like.

Sissy has a way of incorporating so many different genres and styles together. This is the reason I had to post something about her. She blends jazz, swing, funk, hip-hop, etc… all into her sets. It really disappoints me that I didn’t really get to connect with her while in Dallas. She recently started a new weekly event on Thursdays that I’d love to have down here in Miami. The mix below is actually a promo mix she put together for it.

All in all Sissy is someone who inspires me greatly as a DJ and human being. She is always post things on Facebook that I have to Like and listen too. Not to mention she has also caught the Electro Swing bug and posting songs I adore. It’s not very often you find people who constantly post new music that impressed with. I HIGHLY recommend you check out her mixes on Mixcloud!

I wish her the best of luck with everything. Hoping she continues to put out fresh new mixes on a regular basis even if she does run off to law school. She’s definitely my DJ crush right now. She’s cute, smart, plays great music… What more could you ask for?! Ha.
Definitely check her out and follow her!

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