Jiro Dreams of Sushi Review

by JM on October 23, 2012

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Too be quite honest it’s already in my top 5 films right next to Star Wars. It comes off as perfection and seems quite close to it if it was possible.

The story is about a Jedi Knight who fights and lives by Sushi. His life has been devoted to being a sushi maker.

Jiro, is an example of the idea of perfection. He might not be perfect but he has lived to the standard of being perfect. It’s possible with anything in life. You can train your entire life devoted to one thing. By now you have picked up on something you really enjoy doing. You’ve doing it enough times where you feel good about it. This can be anything in your life. Perfection is an idea. The idea of someone working his or her entire life devoted to reaching the highest possible bar. That is Jiro, the Sushi Jedi Knight.

Passion is something we all should have for something. We must believe in it. It is our life and reason to get up in the morning for. Every task done today should be done in a new way to improving on the last time done. It’s beautiful. Devotion and passion will stand out no matter what you do. We should take pride and passion into account in everything we do.

I can’t express it enough how much I believe in this message.

Make the best of your past the worst of your future. Try to improve and continue to learn about what you love. We aren’t perfect nor can be but if we live to that standard it is to reach a closer understanding of what we love. There is no prize for doing this except knowing that life was full filled every day of your life.

There are Jedi Masters in every field and industry. We should strive to be one just like Jiro has. The hard word and devotion given to our skills will live on forever. What we discover and learn should be passed on to our apprentices. Despite the old age or even death of a great Master Jedi Knight they live on in their work even if it is only in the dream world.

The few things that really caught my attention was how old sushi has been around and the prep it takes to make sushi. It’s an ancient art. Since the beginning of time there has been fish and humans have been hunting it. Over the course of time there has been the concept of eating raw seafood. Sushi takes that into account and making it has become a true art form. Jiro, is an example of being a Grand Master Jedi of Sushi.

The movie is on Netflix for Instant Watch!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing this review!

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