Lunacy Festival

by Tara on October 18, 2012


I can’t express how stoked I am for Lunacy Festival in eight days (October 26-28). It will be a collective dream! Before the lineup even came out I knew I was going to go, then when it did come out I jumped for joy! Lunacy will be a beautiful, well rounded weekend; not only is there amazing music, but also mind-blowing art, informative and interesting workshops, and magical spaces. You can’t possibly be bored or wondering what to do while at Lunacy! It’s held at the glorious Live Oak Campground just outside of Santa Barbara, where Lightning in a Bottle started out and where I went to Lucidity Festival last spring. It’s impossible to have a bad weekend there. I am imagining chillin’ in a hammock surrounded by thriving lush oak trees, with stunning souls all around me and jOBOT’s amazing voice serenading me… bring me there now! I can’t wait to open my senses and breathe in the beauty.

The lineup for Lunacy Festival is extraordinary and nicely varied. We’ve got the percussive, obscenely talented Eoto, ragers Vibesquad and An-Ten-Nae, and experimental “get weird in the paint” NastyNasty. Then there’s Random Rab who shares his soul with any crowd he performs for. I have been so into his music lately (check out the song Sunwater if you are wondering what I mean). Andreilien (Heyoka) will be bringing his circusy vibes, while Stephan Jacobs will be bringing his clean yet crunchy bass sound. I can’t get enough of Sugarpill’s deep and glitched out party sound; I’m so excited for that set (yes, even though I have seen him three times already this year)! Ill-esha will be crooning to us with that sexy voice of hers while playing some excellent beats. She played at a beach party on Tahoe last weekend and was absolutely phenomenal and a pleasure to be around. Russ Liquid will be creating beautiful tunes with his trumpet. Thriftworks is going to kill it with his stunning downtempo  melodies. I have never seen Digital Rust so I am incredibly stoked to see him play! I always enjoy ChrisB.’s sets and he is really fun to be around. Goldrush will be blessing our eardrums with textured frequencies. And there’s more! There is no doubt that it will be an incredible weekend of music.

I’m almost as psyched for the art as I am for the music. The turquoise portal that I got to chill in at Lightning in a Bottle and at Cognitive Awakening will be there. It’s an amazing chill zone for moments of relaxation; you are bound to meet someone interesting while in the portal! Kaleidoscopes Ultimate Reflections will be present, providing an eye-opening interactive journey through handmade stained glass kaleidoscopes. Bamboo DNA always brings the most intricate yet massive installation artwork…. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table this time! I am also pretty curious about Lunatic Ping Pong, it looks very interesting. I LOVE interactive art! Did I also mention that I love climbable installations? The Otic Oasis is just calling my name; I can’t wait to explore it.

Don’t miss this festival! It is guaranteed to be an enlightening and soul strengthening experience! Get your tickets on the Lunacy website.


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