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by Tara on October 11, 2012

I think it’s obvious that I LOVE my music festivals. Any opportunity that I am given to remove myself from the routine of everyday life, you best believe I am going to take it up (hence why I have gone to 9 this year so far)! But have I ever had the opportunity to experience a festival that fuses music performances with paintball…? Not until I heard about Splatter Festival on October 19-21! Set in Oroville, CA, Splatter Festival is comprised of 3 days of music, camping, and paintball. There is a huge range assortment of music performers… from electronic DJs to jam bands to rappers, and everything in between. I am most excited to see Del the Funky Homosapien with a live band (very uncommon for a festy lineup), Dub FX (look this guy up on YouTube if you haven’t!), EPROM, NastyNasty, Love & Light, Kastle, Russ Liquid, Thriftworks, Nicoluminous, Zapper (live pa), Ratchet (live pa), and a bunch of friends from South Lake Tahoe. The lineup is pretty much insane! You have the option to play paintball for cheap while you’re there, too. How awesome is that? There will also be fire performances by some of my homies from the Tahoe Burn Tribe and a beer garden with reasonably priced beverages. Tickets are very reasonable for a 3-day campout, at $95 for the whole weekend or $50 for Saturday/Sunday. It will go up to $120 at the door so I would highly recommend purchasing in advance! I absolutely can’t wait to go rage with my bass fam and catch some live music while I’m at it! This will definitely be one for the books, kids! Check out the Splatter Website for tickets and more information.

Here are the timeslots:

********Voodoo Therapy Stage********

3:00pm Jake Lopes
4:00pm Top Soil
5:20pm Boostive
7:10pm LowGritt w/Sight on the Mic
8:30pm Nerd Nate w/Devi Genuone
10:00pm Del w/Bukue One & Serendipity Project (3 hr set)

1:00am Numerous
2:20am Eliquate
4:00am Bogl
5:00am Hydrah

6:00am MoonJuice
7:00am DubColing
8:00am The Goon
9:00am Chlorophil
12:00pm Jessica Sterling
1:00pm The Genie
2:00pm Evergreen Dub
3:20pm Pyrx
4:40pm FatherTime feat 2-Tone

6:00pm Thought Vomit
7:00pm Madison Ave
8:00pm Life Uh Da Party
8:50pm I Wish We Were Robots
9:50pm Awaiting the Apocolypse
11:00pm Adient Zoo
12:20pm The Eclectic

1:20am Groovebox
2:40am Ratchet

4:00am Zapper
5:00am Datgirl
6:00am DownSampla
7:00am Stizreth
8:00am Rinza
9:00am C.Worth w/Arkaydion

10:00am BK
11:00am Seantron
12:00pm Highbreed
1:00pm DJ Wigglez
2:20pm S.O.Dubs
3:40pm Mike Pinto Band
5:20pm Special Surprise Set
6:30pm DubFX w/Flower Fairy


1:00pm Stony
2:00pm Plethora
3:00pm JazzHands
4:00pm DJ Bear
5:00pm Felixxx
6:00pm Golden Toast
7:00pm Bass Buddha
8:00pm Efxhand
9:00pm Gamma

10:00pm Nico Luminous
11:00pm Thriftworks

12:00am Russ Liquid
1:00am Love & Light
2:00am Trevor Kelly
3:00am Stax
4:00am Taso
5:00am Yheti
6:00am G. Jones
7:00am Caidance
8:00am Intellitard
9:00am Zaggasaurus
10:00am Mr Kitt
11:00am QuantumBassTheory
3:00pm Self Dustruct
4:00pm Leaf
5:00pm A’n’D
6:00pm Schwabble



This was by far the WORST organized festival I have ever attended. It was such a bummer, given the potential that the event had.

So, here’s what happened:
My friend Katie & I rolled up to the festival, excitement high, on Friday evening. Get to the gate – disorganized… The coordinator, Mike, didn’t even have a media list, but was “doing me a favor” by believing me in that we had discussed press passes for the event. Really, dude? We get to the parking lot and there’s an angry girl bitching at us about where to park when we were literally trying to find our bearings and get in to the festival. We find our homies’ camp and start walking around and enjoying ourselves. We catch the end of Thriftworks’ set which I’m stoked about. Excitement is high for Russ Liquid’s set. He comes on and is forced to play at such a low volume that the small crowd can barely even get down to it! Everyone’s yelling for him to turn it up so he tries to do so without notice, only to find that event coordinators keep coming onstage and telling him to turn it back down. At least his soothing trumpet sounds are heard loud and clear by all! Then Love & Light grace the stage. You all know that Love & Light sets are meant to be heard LOUD. However after ten minutes of their being onstage a girl takes the mic and announces that the whole festival has been shut down and that *hopefully* that night’s headliners will be playing the next day (which, of course, they didn’t). WTF! So everyone is forced to go back to their camps and do nothing. All renegade parties are shut down immediately. Then the next day everyone is forced to leave the beautiful festival grounds, and they are taking down the stages.
Apparently Mike, who put on the event, fled the festival right when all of this happened. He must have been embarrassed of his poor planning. I heard that the property owner called the cops on his own property because he wasn’t sure what he had been getting himself into, or something of that nature. I’m not even sure that artists were paid for their time and efforts to get to Splatter. THAT’S JUST WACK. My friend even told me that at the gate they asked him which 2 performances he was most excited for. When he asked why they were inquiring, they answered something like, “We want to know who to pay”. UHHHH, WHAT? Also, this isn’t the first time that Mike has completely fucked up a festival; he planned another potentially awesome festy in Soda Springs last fall and canceled last minute without notifying artists or attendees. Uhmm I see a pattern here? There has been major backlash on the guy, as attendees and artists alike have been voicing their anger at both paying for and not receiving payment for the event.

So promoters, please know what you’re doing if you are going to plan a large-scale event like this. There are so many intricacies involved in making such a festival successful and enjoyable for everyone involved. Use your resources, know what it takes to make it happen, and make yourself available when others need you. There has to be accountability in such situations. If not, you are guaranteed to be a failure and have a lot of people pissed of at you. That’s all, thanks for listening 🙂


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  • Father Time
    October 11, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Yeah this is going to be one seriously legit event and I hope to see ya out there. Ill be playing on the live stage at 4:40pm on saturday doing some live hiphop glitchhop with my MC. Its going to be a rockin good time.

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