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Mint | Artist Spotlight

by JM on October 8, 2012


Mint is a new artist I came across by random. I figured this would be a good follow up to the G Jones post. There aren’t that many trap artist who catch my attention but these 3 tracks are money. They shall prove useful this week for a set I’m playing. I figured many of you might want to play this. I’m sure they haven’t been rinsed out like all the others.

The one thing I want to bring up is the name of trap artist. The hot new thing right now is trap music and it’s trending hard. The funny part about it is that tons of artist are coming up with alter egos. There are tons of them like UZ, Trill Murray, etc… all appearing. The emergence of producers now is so great that why not have some fun and see what happens when you appear out of no where with a whole new name and sound. It’s all sort of silly too me but what counts is that the music is enjoyable. These three tracks that are on Mint’s soundcloud are great! Whoever this guy might be or not it’s nice to see that there’s so many new names and/or producers emerging that it’s good for everyone. Now my only concern is that something develops where it leaving a lasting mark. Fame can be found and lost in moments.

Check out the three tunes below:

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Mint | Artist Spotlight

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  • disagree
    October 9, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Mimosa marty party and the rest of the glitch / purple set are pissed they blew their load too early: they could have just waited a year, called the same recycled mess “trap” and been dubbed fresh by bloggers!

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