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Jillian Ann | Music Just for my Lover to play guitar to Live Mix

by JM on October 5, 2012

It has been a LONG time since I’ve done a Fire Friday Mix. Now that the Afro Monk team is back and posting on a daily basis I figured it’d be best to start this weekly tradition again. This week we have a mix from the lovely Jillian Ann.

This mix is way HEAVIER than I anticipated but really helped me get focused at work this morning. Jillian explains a bit about her intentions with this mix, “I did for my lover to play guitar to late one night so I could seduce them into bed after… it worked”. I personally don’t see how this is love making music but it’s definitely super intense and bass heavy. The main reason I wanted to post this mix is because I’m a huge sucker for female vocals and she caught my attention awhile ago on the track she collaborated with Love & Light, Know Us. The other reason is that this site gets a lot of traffic dubstep keywords and I don’t really have that much heavy/brostep post on here. If there’s any sort of heavy stuff it at least has to have sexy female vocals and Jillian Ann accomplishes this.

I’ve personally never interacted with Jillian but I’ve seen her around and we share tons of mutual friends but something about her just never made me go say hello. As beautiful as she is there’s no question she has this certain look and presence to her. The photography of her is absolutely stunning but always has a mysterious dark emotion and feel to it. I have tons of respect for her as she makes numerous post about her emotional state and raw feelings online. It’s not easy to express yourself freely online and she does it quite openly. She’s definitely one of the few female vocalist that always make me pay attention to the track just because she’s on it.

Overall if you’re into female vocals, heavy bass lines, and dubstep this is something you should grab!

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