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ProJect Aspect | Automagically | Interview

by Tara on October 3, 2012

ProJect Aspect, CO producer, DJ, and co-founder of the legendary Mile High Sound Movement, has been absolutely killing it lately! His new full-length album, Automagically, comes out on October 6th…. and you’re in for a treat. Throughout Automagically listeners will revel in the upbeat vibes that he thoughtfully lays out. Each song perfectly different from the last, the album takes you on a pleasant roller coaster ride through Jay’s spirit. It encompasses so many different rad elements, making for a diverse and absolute album. One minute you’ll be listening to a soulful track with gorgeous piano notes, and the next you’ll hear one with beautiful world music-like components. Then after that, a wubby and percussive piece. I also love the contributions that his homie Kruza Kid makes throughout the album; they are quite the dynamic duo. The track entitled “Mouth and a Half” pretty much made my day when I listened through. He also included “Pura Vida” which always makes me feel like I am sippin on a ice cold beer on the beach in Costa Rica; one of my favorites of his.

I can’t really illustrate how much I dig ProJect Aspect’s signature sound that fuses lazer bass with beautiful harmony. His music gives me an indescribable rush of emotion. It’s seriously really difficult not to move when I am listening to his music! This guy has obviously got a knack for creating frequencies that lift you into a state of bliss. He has an excellent sense of rhythm and an amazing ear for melody. He definitely brings that all to the table during his brilliant live performances, which is a blessing to us all! The guy knows how to get a crowd moving, there’s no doubt about that.

Did I mention how genuine of a guy Jay is? I had the pleasure of seeing and chilling with ProJect Aspect (and his girlfriend Ashley most of those times as well, who is one of the raddest chicks I know) a few times this summer, and he was great to be around every time. I look forward to seeing them again which will be soon, I’m sure! I got to ask Jay some questions about music, life, and more… see what the mastermind has to say!

1. You have been out to California/Nevada a few times in the past couple of weeks, and you were also on the bill for various music festivals this summer. Is it awesome to get out of CO where you get to experience new places and faces? Must feel pretty good J!

Jay: Yes, it feels amazing to get out to different states and communities, every experience is truly unique and special. I make music to express myself, it speaks for me, so I feel blessed when I can share that with new people in person.

2. What do you enjoy most about mixing live? You seem to love every second as much as the next… at least according to your epic bass face!

Jay:  The thing I like most about performing live is the potential of limitless possibilities. When I play live, i walk up to my set completely unplanned. I usually don’t even know what song to start out with until I’m ready to go. I use Ableton live and I have roughly 100 original tracks in front of me at my disposal. Anything could happen. I love being interactive with my music, I love playing live just as much if not more than creating the music, but the combination of creating and performing is magical.

3.What’s your most memorable experience regarding music? Can you describe it to us a bit?

Jay: My most memorable experience regarding music would have to be my first time seeing a show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. This venue/Park has been very special to me in my life. Going rock climbing and hiking as a kid, this legendary spot holds a dear place in my heart. In 2005 I saw my first Red Rocks concert. The music consisted of; The String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band, Umphreys McGee, Keller Williams, Micheal Franti, and New Monsoon. This 2-day event was truly life changing and eye opening for me. I looked at music in a different light.

4. I know that you have a lot of genuine love for your fans. Multiple people I know have been impressed by your shining personality and humble demeanor. What do you have to say about musicians who become egotistical?

Jay: I really have no place to talk about other musicians personalities, everyone is different and handles situations in their own manner. Most musicians I meet are very good to their fans and personally I look at my ‘fans’ as friends because I feel like i only gain friends, not fans.

5. Who in your mind is leading the scene from a production standpoint versus from a live performance standpoint? Who are your favorite producers at the moment?

Jay: There is SO MUCH good music out there it’s difficult to say who my favorite producers are. I would have to say my favorites are my friends, The Mile High Sound Movement. Other than that I would have to say Tipper is a boss and will always run the game.

6. Any other inspirations in general?

Jay: Other influences musically are Umphreys McGee, String Cheese Incident, Phish, and STS9. In general my family is my biggest inspiration. I am surrounded with so many beautiful, talented people, I am constantly inspired every day.

7. How has everything been so far with 1320 Records? What a great thing to be a part of!

Jay: Being with 1320 is a dream come true. I have looked up to STS9 for as long as I can remember and it is an absolute honor to be a part of their family. Honestly it is still a bit surreal and will probably remain that way for a while. I am just very grateful to be on a label with so many great artists.

8. You have an album titled Automagically coming out on October 6th… what inspired you in the making of this album?

Jay: This new album is a collection of music I have written in the past year. Everyone I have met, every piece of visual art I have seen, every sound I have heard, and every experience in this past year has been my inspiration for writing this album. It captures the beauty I am surrounded by every day.

9. Who are your go-to mastering engineers, if any?

Jay: I do everything myself, from start to finish. It may not be the most professional approach, but it works for my style and it fits my live sound.

10. What are the top 5 plugins / VSTs / synths that you use and/or recommend?

Jay: I use a ton of VSTs, I’d have to say my favorites are Massive, and FM8. I use Maschine for my drums.

11. I had a great time seeing Unlimited Aspect live… do you think that you and Ronnie (Unlimited Gravity) will continue to collaborate?

Jay: Unlimited Aspect is an indefinite project. We are just scratching the surface with our writing and collabing. We are practicing a new live set feat. guitar, Vocals, Keys, and other live instrumentation. Ronnie and myself are only beginning our UA journey. Stay tuned for our debut album to be released early next year.

12. Can we expect any collaborations with anyone else from the Mile High Sound Movement crew?

Jay: I’m always collaborating with Kruza Kid(The other founding member of MHSM), you can definitely expect to see more collabs with other artists as well.

13. You helped found the MHSM. Is it still going strong in CO? I have been seeing you guys pop up on a lot of Denver bills, as well as ones outside of the state.

Jay: MHSM is still going strong, we are helping with the 10/6 show at Cervantes with myself, Mochipet, Thriftworks, and Kitty D. We are trying to expand and hope to start up a MHSM tour soon!

14. It seems like your amazing girlfriend Ashley gets the pleasure of traveling to a lot of events with you. Does her presence at a performance push you extra hard to crush it?

Jay: I am so grateful to have my girlfriend by my side. She inspired me to stay grounded and creative. She hears my music more than anyone so it is important to me to keep my music and live sets interesting. It is amazing that she is able to travel with me, it definitely helps me feel comfortable in new places.

15. And lastly, a completely unrelated but important question… what are you going to dress up as for Halloween? I know your fans are dying to know.

Jay: I honestly haven’t had a chance to think about my Halloween costume. Always been my favorite holiday so we’ll see what i come up with. I’ll be playing with MartyParty on the Saturday before Halloween in Boulder, that should get pretty freaky!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME JAY! Looking forward to the release of Automagically on October 6th!


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