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jOBOT | Gratitude EP

by Tara on October 2, 2012

I have seen jOBOT’s name popping up more and more, and deservedly so! His brand new free EP, Gratitude, reminds me of sun rays peaking through the clouds to create a golden path of light into the sky. If the album is an attempt to express his gratitude of life, or of anything for that matter, I’d say he was successful in doing that. There’s no denying that you can see Joe’s soul in this music. It’s almost like his resonations bring you on a journey into one of his dreams. It’s flowy yet sometimes glitchy, deep yet at the same time so luminous, and joyful yet almost melancholy. I definitely feel gratitude towards jOBOT for giving us the gift of this free incredible music!

I had known about him for a while, but the moment that jOBOT caught my attention most was during his intimate set at Tribe 13 at Symbiosis. I had just gotten out there so he was one of the first sets I saw, and my friends and I were seriously mind- blown. We kept raving about it the entire weekend. Something about his live presence is almost ethereal; when you see him live all of your worries seem to melt into the melodic frequencies surrounding you. Then seeing him again at Fractal Nation at Burning Man solidified any doubt in my mind that this guy has a tremendous amount of raw talent. There was nothing superficial or insincere about this performance. Desert wind lightly blowing his hair and incandescent lights all around, jOBOT made himself vulnerable and shared his essence with all of us present. I think everyone who has seen him perform live is appreciative of his ability to do so. So if you get a chance to see him I would highly recommend checking him out. He’ll be playing at Art Outside in Austin, TX (10/19), Lunacy Festival in Santa Barbara, CA (10/26), and at a Do LaB show with Andreilien & Thriftworks in Hollywood, CA (11/3). I think I’ll be at Lunacy Festival and wouldn’t miss his set for anything!

To coincide with the release of his Gratitude EP, jOBOT is also stoked to announce the launch of his new website: Jobot Music. There you can gain access to his free EP that came out today and check out his upcoming shows, bio, gallery, and more. So check it out kids, and most definitely grab the EP!


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