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by Tara on September 28, 2012

Gladkill is on top of his game lately. Not only did he just release Perception, an EP of bangin remixes and a track on Gravitas Recordings’ Neurovation, but he also has an amazing EP coming up called Beta. I really enjoyed listening to this album; it just put me into a relaxed, peaceful state of mind. It is soothing, sparkling, and stunning. Most importantly it is interesting and has a lot of different textures all throughout. With sexy female vocals sprinkled thoughtfully throughout the EP, you’ll be lifted off into another dimension in listening to this album.  One thing that I love about Gladkill is that he stays true to his signature sultry sound, never deviating too far from that style. That’s commendable given that many, if not most artists have been selling out to the super heavy dubstep sound that, while the majority of the population might appreciate, us aficionados have grown beyond. He manages to stay true to himself and it pays off; he has a steady growing fan base.

It will be interesting to see the juxtaposition of Gladkill vs. Bassnectar on their tour together. Gladkill’s got this beautiful  effervescent sound while Bassnectar is all about the crowd-moving bangers. Not to say that Gladkill doesn’t get a crowd moving….. during his set at Lucidity everyone was getting way into it, and I think it was my favorite set of the weekend. It’s huge  for Boris to be on tour with Bassnectar, so I’m really glad for him!

Look out for Beta coming out on October 8th through all distributers. You won’t want to miss this!

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