Gnarnia Festival 2012 North Carolina

by JM on August 1, 2012

Gnarnia looks to be one of the most promising festivals in the summer for the East Coast. The line up is stellar and quite diverse. I’ve seen promotion for this this everywhere. The only thing that I can really say that has me scratching my head is why it’s Thursday-Saturday.

The East Coast needs more events like this to start happening. The West Coast kids are spoiled every week-end with some sort of festival and it’s great to see events like Gnarnia appear this year. I’m very excited to find out that I will finally be able to attend. Thankfully I’ve just recently decided to work from home and stop looking for a job. If I had a regular office job it would have been very difficult to attend since leaving Friday night after work and only being there for Saturday would of make it all that worth it. The fact that this is a first year festival with this many Grade A is amazing (TIPPER). East Coast please recognize that not every summer are we offered such events like this. It’s a honor to come back to the blog to post about this.

North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast of the United States and can’t wait to return to the mountains. This event is also a bit different from many of the other festivals out there in that they recommend you renting a cabin, house, lodge, etc… There are spots located to camp out but the space is very limited. The event takes place in a resort like location not a giant open field. I also would like to say come ready to get down the community alone in North Carolina is one of the biggest bass locations in the States. Lets just say they know how to party and where many talented artist call home.

Be advised that there is a costume party. Remember to bring your weirdest costume. Please be colorful and crazy (my personal input). I usually focus on the music at most these events but the truth is these adventures into festival land are always unique. There’s a lot of coming together at these festivals. I’ve met tons of people from all over the world at these events. This is a great opportunity to get weird and meet tons of new friends from all over the this coast. I’m the most excited about this because there’s finally a family coming together made up of people who don’t live out in Colorado or West Coast.

I hope to see you all out there. Please say hello if you see me around. It’s always encouraging to meeting new people and fellow music lovers. I’ll have my gear with me so I’m sure I’ll be throwing down. If you have a sweet lodge with a PA holla =D Lets get weird! Big ups to everyone part of this festival.

Beats Antique, 7 Walkers, Paper Diamond, ESKMO, Afroman, Eliot Lipp, Mindelixir, Heyoka, Machines are People Too, KDSML, Songs of Water, Cherub, Skytree, Panther God, The Polychrons, Futexture, Ployd, Arpetrio, HeRobust, Future Flutes, Amarru, Splynter, Uprise ,Nomadic, Andrew Fletcher’s Silent Movie Theatre, Aligning Minds, Asian Teacher Factory, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Higher Learning, AV8R, Michael Garfield, Whodi, Thump, RTFM

Tipper, Emancipator, Mark Farina, Dieselboy, Easy Star All Stars, Toubab Krewe, VibeSquaD, Break Science, Gift of Gab, ZOOGMA, Starkey, DrFameus, Cas Haley, DEORO, Firecracker Jazz Band, NastyNasty, Bookworm, Ziggurat, Yesterday’s, Gravy, Sonmi, Poetix Lounge, Imperial Blend, Old You, Fast Nasty, Chasing Edison, Sam Shacklock, Numatik, Uphill Both Ways, Sound Pimp, Elfkowitz, Nu-Tron, Brody and Choch, Kontur

Conspirator, 12th Planet, Ott, Papadosio, Phadroid, Midnite, Rising Appalachia, Minnesota, DubConscious, Govinda, The Polish Ambassador, Zach Deputy, The Pimps of Joytime, The Mantras, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Greenhouse Lounge, Sir Charles, Seduction Sideshow, The Human Experience, DJ Slink, Isness, Dex, Laura Reed w Shannon Sanders, Brushfire, Stankgrass, B!tch Please, Zack Mexico, The Native Sway, Jonathan Santos, Spektr, Amber Rubarth, Cry Wolf, In Plain Sight, Citron, In Plain Sight, Don Winsley, Joshu


Excel: Afro Monk’s Gnarnia Schedule

Image: Afro Monk’s Thursday Schedule
Image: Afro Monk’s Friday Schedule
Image:Afro Monk’s Saturday Schedule

Grab your Gnarnia 2012 Ticket!
I have to say it’s a pretty good deal for $135
Keep in mind that you have to buy an RV pass and does NOT have hook ups for water or power.

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