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Intelepaths | Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Cover)

by JM on May 16, 2012

Intelepaths ill-esha unlimited gravity
Intelepaths is a collaboration of the talented woman, ill-esha, and the homie, Unlimited Gravity. The two of them have had their own success working on their solo projects but a handful of events unfolded to have them work together on this new union.

They’ve put together a few tracks together that I’ve heard and blessed to be sharing this debut track. They’ve chosen Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me. The vocals Elysha put down on this one are incredible. If you haven’t heard of ill-esha sing live yet you’re missing out. Now add Ronnie dropping some vocals in the background of the chorus. The vibe and energy is just a small tease to what they have in store. I had to pleasure of playing one of their new tunes at Emissions this past week-end and hope everyone who hasn’t left to Symbiosis could grab this one. Freak Like Me is the perfect tune for any set. Who doesn’t want to find a freak out there =D

One of the things that Intelepaths reminds me about is how there is no limit to what you can do music. The EDM scene consist of instrumentals for the most part. The two of them bring so many pieces of the puzzle together to create a new blend of EDM. The vibes aren’t as focused on the dancefloor as much and creating beautiful music with good energy. Ever since I’ve been talking to Elysha about this collab I find such positivity and love behind it. Don’t expect crushing bangers with insane drops. Intelepaths represents the art of  playing live set with live vocals, beatboxing, looping, and free styling organic sounds. The true experience is seeing to joining forces of both of them in a live set environment.

There is a small EP that is in the works but there are no official dates as of now. What I’ve heard so far is fantastic and always get excited to share the music they’ve both created together. It’s great to hear tracks that include original vocals from both a man and woman.

There’s much more ahead for these two. Elysha relocation to the States has opened the door to a lot more shows and availability to work with other artist. Ronnie is finishing up school and ready to show everyone what he has been working on and accomplished with his MHSM family. Expect a lot of new things from both of them working together and on their own. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this.

Enjoy the first official Intelepaths tracks here from <3

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Intelepaths | Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Cover)

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