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Pressha | Everything in Moderation

by JM on April 30, 2012

Pressha Seattle

I consider Pressha one of the greatest strictly DJs out there in bass music today. The first party I ever planned and promoted Pressha played. Didn’t know much about him but my good friend Shilo assured me he was incredible. He showed up and totally blew me away. There aren’t many DJs who mainly only use Serato to play out and using Turntables that I enjoy. Ever since he came to Miami and crushed it for my WMC party we’ve kept in close contact. He really works hard and understands the importance of building a network and relationships in the music industry. There isn’t a line up in the NW that I’ve seen where it be a major event and not seen this man not playing at it. His network and ear for music is almost unmatched entirely but when talking solely DJ and not producing music there is no other I can think of besides Mihkal.

I’ve had the pleasure of kicking it with him out in Seattle and showed me around a bit during Decibel Festival. He’s a super chill dude who likes to party but also collects and plays dubs like it’s nobodies business. I know when I was focused more on putting out mixes that I had to beat Matt to the punch of releasing a mix because if not he’d probably be playing a lot of the stuff I’d be playing also. Now that I’m focusing less on playing out I’m glad that he’s still going strong and playing out and making a huge name for himself.

It has been awhile since we last kicked it but I’m really looking forward to getting to spend some time with him at Emissions this year. We’ll both be out there playing at it and if was still playing glitch-hop I’d probably have to check with him what he has planned because this guy always has the headie tracks that most don’t have access too. If you haven’t heard of this man and looking to become a DJ in this culture I highly recommend going back and looking to see the work he has put in. He’s the true model of what most DJs should be like…

Everything in Moderation Tracklist:
1.) Sugarpill – A Gift To
2.) Gladkill – Stay Awake
3.) Kastle – Walking Away Mc Armanni
4.) Goldrush – It’s when I miss all of you (Gladkill Remix)
5. ) Sugarpull – Say you want to
6.) Kastle – I Know (Bokator and Jock Styles Remix)
7.) Drake – November 18th (Stratus Remix)
8.) Sugarpill – Tanktop
9.) Minnesota – Roof Back
10.) Sugarpill – Cats used to harmonize
11.) Matty G – Back to the Bay ft.Ugene
12.) Ginuwine – Pony (Molecule Remix)
13.) Polish Ambassador – Space Leaf Dub (Gladkill Remix)
14.) Frequent C + kLL sMTH – Something for Everyone
15.) Guttstar – Waking
16.) Awol-Nation – Sail (Slim Thugz Remix)
17.) Paper Diamond – So Precise
18.) Chris B – Be Cool
19.) Oh Tebins – Tickle Parts
20.) Samples – Capture the Flag

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Pressha | Everything in Moderation

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