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Futexture | The Science of How Things Unfold

by Mr Ed on April 28, 2012

I am honored and privileged to bring word on Afro Monk Record’s Debut Release.  Futexture “The Science of How Things Unfold”  combines top-notch production, with out of this world  arrangements and the creativity to bring the listener to a higher dimension.  No matter if you call this release IDM, FutureBass or Downtempo, Futexture, aka Danny Krantz, has taken the more sonically diverse elements of our genres and brought us a complete piece of work that will entertain the mind and tickle the ears.  My first listen to this release was done after a long day kicked back with the cans on and a bit of a mood enhancer.  Not only did the music grab a hold of me but it provided energetic boost to my whole body.  Some would say thats just the herb, but thats what pure quality music should do to all of us!  You should not just hear it, but experience it.   I must congratulate both Futexture for such an amazing album that is sure to make quite a name for him, but also the founder of this blog, Mr. JM aka Afromonk for pushing through and bringing us his first debut release on the brand new record label.  Now, with no more bullshit from me,  I bring you the music!

I hope to hear Futexture’s sounds being dropped in the wee hours of the morning all summer long. Pick up this release Addictech!

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