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Proper Motion | A Refined Perspective

by Mr Ed on April 4, 2012

This morning I decided to take a day off from chasing this spring’s amazing corn skiing to prepare for spring.  Searching for a new Mountain Bike!  As I sat in my sunny kitchen drinking a wonderful cup of coffee waiting to hear if my dream bike is mine I found a wonderful sonic gem.  Proper Motion just dropped a new album, “A Refined Perspective” that is a great mix of classic funky jazz samples and energetic basslines.  Music that grabs your mind and transports you do a different land has always been near the top of my charts and this release does just that.  Includes, all the componets of modern bass music that I have grown to love and combines that with the soul of yesterday.  Moments, of this release like “How Long” brought me back to my parents den where my farther was rocking the turntable with his classic jazz tracks.  Colorado producers Noah Marion and Harrison Watkins have really stepped up to the plate on this one and taken their listeners on a wonderful sonic journey.  I for one appreciate the time travel to keep my mind off of whether or not my dream bike will be hitting the trails this season.  If the tunes are not enough Noah and Harrison have offered this entire realease for free on Soundcloud.  Give it a listen and grab these tracks while they are hot!

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