Stephan Jacobs | Mad Era & In the Vortex: Remixed

by Tara on February 2, 2012

When I first heard that pioneer of bass Stephan Jacobs was putting together a remix album of Mad Era and In the Vortex I was beyond stoked; those two EPs bring back some of my favorite music memories of 2011. Then when I saw the list of producers behind the remixes I became even more pumped! The compilation includes banger tracks from the likes of Mr. Bill, jOBOT, Freddy Todd, Psymbionic, Ruff Hauser, Jupit3r, Knowa Knowone, and more. The album did not disappoint – these remixes are hot and I will definitely be bangin’ them in my headphones for quite a while. I have been following Stephan Jacobs’ music for years and it is a pleasure to hear some of my other favorites throw a spin on his already excellent tunes. The 12-track album starts off with a bang with One4All’s remix of Tatter which is also my favorite of the release. It’s upbeat, catchy, and melodious with just the right amount of bass, providing every component necessary for a memorable track. Another favorite is ChrisB.’s remix of Izzo feat. Smash LeFunk… it has some very nice brass instrumentals paired with crunk samples and a nice steady beat. Although I haven’t heard much about Dubvirus, I also found his remix to pop out to me; it’s beautiful in an odd and heavy way. Stephan Jacobs certainly provided an expressive and agreeable canvas for the remixers to work with!

Seeing Stephan live is an awe-inspiring experience that I recommend to all. His set at Lightning in a Bottle 2011 was legendary and I would say one of the best of the entire weekend. He also crushed it at SnowGlobe 2011. He has never let me down during a live set; his contagious energy and sincere passion for bass music are undeniable and compelling. He will be playing at SnowBall in CO in the beginning of March so be sure to catch him play if you’re there! I know that he is a huge influence on many other electronic musicians as he is a master of his craft, and I’m always looking forward to hearing more from the man!

Grab Stephan Jacobs – Mad Era & In the Vortex: Remixed on Addictech. It will come out on February 29th on all other mediums.


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