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Kalya Scintilla | Dance the Spiral Never Ending

by Mr Ed on January 22, 2012

Kalya Scintilla is ready to beam you to a totally different dimension with the new release “Dance the Spiral Never Ending”  Ever release I have heard of his as been excellent in pulling my head out of every day life and transport me to somewhere totally new.  This multidimensional tranmission is no exception.  Grabbing influences of dubstep, glitch hop, and sounds from his home star system,”Whomp” and blending them naturally with the seductive sounds of the middle east and traditional gypsy.  Hard to believe I’m sitting here watching snow fall as I listen to the release because my mind is somewhere all together much more exotic.  Pick up “Dance the Spiral Never Ending”  over at Kalya Scintilla’s Bandcamp!

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