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Crushendo | Drop Logic EP Minimix

by Tara on January 9, 2012

Ever since I heard their pleasant sound on the Bass From Above Volume 1 compilation, I have been tuning into Colorado pair Slim Thugz, comprised of Cody Yozipovic (Frequent C) and Julian Garland (The Candyman). Well Slim Thugz are no more – welcome their new alias, Crushendo! Today they released a dazzling minimix that showcases their project under this new alias; it is a glimpse at their upcoming debut EP, Drop Logic, which will drop on February 15th. The mix, which is up for free download, incorporates a tasteful amalgamation of melodic strings, “intelligent bass”, fresh hip hop samples, and assorted tempos. It starts off with a bang with their collaboration with rhyme master Kruza Kid, who has been featured in a lot of the Mile High Sound Movement guys’ production. The whole mix masterfully blends playful audio delights with a touch of gangsta elements, which I find to be irresistible. I have always loved Frequent C and Candyman’s signature flowy yet upbeat synth patterns; I like that whenever a track of theirs comes on my iPod I know right away who it is and know that I will enjoy it.

Although I did love the old alias I can see why they wanted to change their name; whenever I talked about Slim Thugz, a lot of my friends would be like, “Oh Slim Thug is rapping on Friday?”. No people. Slim ThugZ is playing, who I would rather see live any day to be honest. And I was blessed to see them twice when they came out to the Tahoe area – they absolutely crushed it! I really love the new Crushendo alias and think it is very fitting. Catch them live if you get the chance; they will be playing at the upcoming SnowBall Music Festival in Colorado in March which is sure to be an epic weekend. Check out the minimix below and be sure to grab Crushendo’s Drop Logic EP on February 15th!


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