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iONik | Sexy Shapes

by Mr Ed on January 6, 2012

iONik’s debut EP “Sexy Shapes” on Simplify recordings melds many diverse musical flavors together into one complex groove that is all win.  I heard his mini mix a few days ago and was dying to get my hands on this release which Ian was nice enough to send my way today.  Sexy Shapes quickly became the soundtrack to my day off from the mountains.  What grabbed my attention first was the beats.  He must have had funk on his mind when designing these beats because they are all types of sexy.  The synths are layered all over with crazy complexity and detail, but keeps a clean sound without all the excess busyness.  My favorite song on this release was Slightly Digital which is a straight up party destroyer.  I only listened to this through headphones, but I can imagine it rocking a large sound-system with quite a punch!  Pick up this release from additech.

Sexy Shapes EP MiniMix

iOnik ft. Charlie P and Dan Cox-The Tears

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