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by JM on December 28, 2011

There is one driving force that keeps me going every day, Passion. Life has its way of playing that typical game of back and forth like it does for you as well I’m sure. When it comes to my career, hobbies, social life, blog, art, etc… all I use and look for is that inner feeling to express myself and let it all out.

This site is one of my biggest accomplishments and never thought I’d have thousands of visitors coming back. I built it as a place to share and showcase music I thought was worth posting about. If there is one thing I look for when listening to music it’s that feeling of emotion and soul put into it. That doesn’t mean that some of the music I don’t enjoy doesn’t have emotion or soul by any means. Trust me some of the agro bass out there has emotion just usually on a level I don’t want to touch or feel. The music I post has to capture me in some sort of fashion. I’ll usually even send releases to writers if I’m not feeling it and know I should probably write about the tracks but can’t do it if not my cup of tea. After all sometimes you want to support your friends but just don’t connect with those certain tracks.

Passion is everything. I don’t have to tell you how much competition there is in the music industry. Hell it’s so easy to become a DJ in today’s world and even a producer with all the advances in DAWs and VSTs. What’s the secret to making it somewhat successful? Passion dude! You have to live it and breathe what you do. This isn’t a competition of how many Followers, Likes, Plays, Downloads, etc… you have. It’s about being able to express yourself freely and not give a shit if anyone listens or hears your music. You have to want to make/share music. You’ve got to tune into what you feel and enjoy. There are thousands of people who can tell you it’s about who you know, who writes about you, what label/agency you’re with, etc… but in truth it’s all garbage. If you’re doing what you like forget about what people think. Seriously one of the biggest tips I tell people when first starting out is DO NOT FOCUS ON LOCAL MARKET. Think big and don’t worry about playing shows in your city or if people like you are not. Focus on what you’re doing and put yourself out there. You’ll be surprised how many people from around the world will find you if you’ve got something real. The rest will follow suite later if you keep it up.

I’d also like to mention please please don’t confuse passion for desperation. I can’t tell you how many people I see and know that just hustle and hustle but it looks so fake because they are dying for results. Trust me this trend of I’ll release a free tune if I get x number of new followers etc… FORGET THE NUMBERS. Release music because you want to. I get it you want to push further and further and all this energy and passion has lead you to bust your ass. Don’t get desperate. If you keep doing what you’re doing people will find you. Don’t force it. Plus you look like a total newb searching for attention. Passion in your work will be recognized on its own. I can’t think of one time I’ve been like ohh shit I want a new tune let me go hit the Like button on their page. No, usually I’m like OMG seriously you’re doing this?!

I can’t emphasize anymore about how you have to do what you do because you LOVE it. Most people by now realize I hope that I have a real career and only consider this blog/DJ thing as a hobby. Yeah ok so I’ve thrown a few parties, have an agent, fly around the States for music, etc… Truth is I’m just doing what I do for fun and the friends, fans, followers, etc are just a bonus. Do not focus on the fame, money, etc… If you’re trying to make a career out of this industry I’m sorry but please don’t rely on this industry for that. The way I look at is you should be stable enough to make money without it and once you make enough to support yourself with music make the switch. If this idea was put into place I’m sure there would be a lot less desperation and spam out there. Put yourself out there but don’t overdo it.

Follow and do what your heart tells you. Be yourself and if something seems like you’re forcing it you probably are. Here is another pro tip for all things in general… Make it natural.

– Afro

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