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Goodlove | VibeSquaD Remix

by Mr Ed on December 27, 2011

VibeSquaD’s new remix “Good Love”  by Hellfire Machina ft.  Infuze has been rocking my house today.  So here in the moutains of the northwest, we have been waiting for snow for what seems like enternity, so when I woke this morning at 5:30 am to prepare for my guiding meeting I needed something that matched my mood.  With 5 days of heavy snow forcasted for my area you could say I woke in a good mood, and VibeSquaD’s rmx fit it perfect.  After waking all in my house to this pumping out of my system I quickly discovered that not everyone was so pumped this early in the morning.  Hellfire Machina has just released this album with a few remixes available through their Bandcamp.  I have only listened to the VibeSquaD version, but it got me amped enough to decide to share it with all of you.  Hope it help kickstart your mornings as well!

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