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Top 5 of 2011 | Ed’s Picks

by Mr Ed on December 17, 2011

So most of you don’t know me or have interacted briefly via the crazy digital world so you might be thinking who cares what this guy thinks!  This year has once again been a major transitional year for me music wise.  I have played so many different genres of music over the year that it amazes me where my musical journey will take me.  Ever sense becoming involved with Afromonk my experience has been heighten.  Thanks to demo submissions, JM recommendations, and all my letters to artists in our community I have had an average of 5-10 releases, tracks, or mixes in my mailbox a day!  Overwhelming, but I love it!  I am really finding the sounds I like and what works for the crowds I play for.  I thank JM a million times over for the opportunity.  So Here is my list of tracks and releases that I loved for 2011.  It was a hard choice thinking back to music I loved in January of the year and not just picking things that Im super hyped on right now.  My tastes have changed a lot, but I felt it best to honor the songs I listened to the most, rocked the parties, and will keep me dancing for years to come.  Hope you enjoy, and If you think Im missing the boat and should have your tracks on my list for 2012  all I can say is submit them to the site and educate me.  I love this journey of discover of new sounds!

Top 5 Best Releases:

1. Opiuo | Squiggle EP

2. Love & Light   | The Light we Bring EP

3. Kalya Scintilla | Shimmer EP

4. Mimi Page | Harmonious HeartBEATS

5. SuperVision | Telescopic

Top 5 Best Songs:

1. Lokid | Fear of Heights

2. Mokhov | Fragile Memories

Halcyon Days Ep

3. Enya | Boadicea (Vespers Remix)

4. Nominus | Rim Shock

5. GRiZ | iLL Type Moves

Being newer to this community of creative musicians I would have a hard time coming up with lists of my favorite new producers and events.  This year my highlight was Decimal Festival in my town of Seattle where I got to catch a lot of the sounds and beats that had been on constant repeat around my home.  I’m really hoping to make it to some of the other large festivals around this country next year.  Lighting in a Bottle is my top choice for next summer.  I just need an invite to camp with some new friends and would love to start getting to know all you people face to face instead of in the virtual world.  This world we live in is pretty amazing and inspires me each and every day.  Pretty excited about the coming year and all that it will bring.  Wish you all the best for the last days of 2011 and lets ring the new year in with some bass!

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