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June Miller – Give Up The Ghost ft Rayne

by JM on December 11, 2011

Female vocals take tracks to a whole new level. My true passion is Trip-Hop mainly due to the fact that I melt when I hear solid vocals from a woman. I’ll even go as far as saying that some tracks would never live up to their full potential if wasn’t for the vocals.

Rayne, is one of the few female vocalist that I don’t think you might know about. Truth is the point of this post is specifically to put her on the radar because I was informed that she wasn’t getting credit for her vocals on an upcoming release by June Miller. The track is even the titled track for the release. The music industry has a way of forgetting to mention things in all the mess and decided to put this together.

As far as it goes as what I think I’ll keep quite and not raise my voice. I’ll just let the vocals on this one do the work. Rayne’s vocals are the closest thing I’ve heard to timeless trip-hop that I love on a drum and bass track. The track goes hand in hand with her voice on this one perfectly.

Rayne and I randomly became familiar with each other before I left Miami for Dallas. Over the past year we’ve become close friends and I have to say never have come across such a sweet girl with one of the most incredible personalities out there. She really does give me faith for humanity. Now that I’m back in Miami she shortly left for LA unfortunately. She’s one of those good people that you hate to see people take advantage of because their so nice. I couldn’t believe it when she told me they weren’t putting her name on the track and haven’t responded to any forms of contact. This one is for you. I don’t post much drum & bass but man this is one of those few tracks that just hit the soul and majority of it is because of her stunning vocals.

June Miller ft Rayne- Give up the ghost
Rayne Music

Big ups girl! <3

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June Miller – Give Up The Ghost ft Rayne

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