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ill. Gates | Friction Labs Rmx

by Mr Ed on November 18, 2011

ill Gates was challedged to do a remix of “Aag Da Kariya” by Dr. Zeus for a BBC Asia show.  They wanted him to think outside the box and work with Asian music in new creative ways.  I Think ill Gates nailed it.  Make sure you check out his website, ill for free downloads!

I have been noticing a cool thing going on within our community of artists challenging each other in some new creative ways to create music.  In this case, a radio show asks ill Gates to think outside the box, but I have also seen some cool communities working together to make some tracks.  I love seeing folks get creative and work outside their normal workflow.  I think we all benefit from the results.   Hopefully in the future, we will get to hear some of these cool collabs. and multiple artist challenges!

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