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Mokhov | Kickback

by Mr Ed on November 2, 2011

Mohov, russian born, but San Fran based producer has just dropped us a jewel in the form of Kickback.  His first release on Made in Glitch Records is an infectious mix of neon synths and funky breaks that really caught my fancy.  For me, Coming from a Hip Hop background this EP delivers the wonky beats I have always loved, but layers on top playful glitched up vocals.  The overall feeling of this release says to me all is going to be ok in the world, we just need to let the stress go and enjoy our times together.  Things tend to get to complex and ugly out there, but Kickback plays on the positive side of things!

“Neon Kiss”  has synths with an early 90’s flavor, but the irregularities of the percussion and the chopped up vocals are completely a product of our generations musical tastes.

Pick this release up at Addictech!

Edit:  Just had a chance to ask Oleg a few questions

How long you been at this game?

I started making music late ’99 and pursued a traditional producer
career in the ’00s, but it’s essentially been on-and-off until early
2011 when I decided to actually get serious with music. I learned a
lot from creating a few businesses and started to do my own thing with
music and treat my music career as a business startup.

Your music has some really interesting and creative sounds, what
inspires you to create your sounds?

Thank you. I get inspired by vibes that are emotionally-hitting,
euphoric, take me to a magical place. That’s been lush electronic
music (Aphex Twin, Tycho, Boards of Canada, countless IDM/ambient
tunes), the atmospheres of Balearic trance/house (Orbital, BT,
Chicane, Sasha, Tastexperience, etc), and any other music in that

On the flip side, I’m a big fan of hip-hop, particularly the beats:
Premier, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Kanye West, Just Blaze, J Dilla, Nujabes,
AraabMuzik. It’s the most hard-hitting music out there. You can’t help
but nod your head to hip-hop beats – it’s the best rhythm style as far
as I’m concerned. So simple yet so primal in its funk – everyone can
move/dance/nod to it.

Add to that my love for catchy pop songs, and I mix the 3 together.

How do you feel your overall sound has progressed in the last year?  Years?

Obviously I’d like to think I’ve gotten a lot better over this past
year (especially when I decided to take my music career seriously in
early 2011). I think I’ve gotten more assured in creating a natural
fusion of music I wanna listen to but don’t hear much of: combining
the emotional and magical vibes of Balearic electronic, the
hard-hitting and funkiness of hip-hop, and the simplicity and
catchiness of pop.

Tell me a story about one of your favorite performances/a sweet
connection with the crowd or something of the like?

Haven’t performed live actually.

What DAW do you use, plugins?  For production, what kind of
hardware/software for live performances?

Laptop + Ableton Live and a software synthesizer plugin (which
changes, lately it’s been Native Instruments’ Massive).

Any production tips you want to pass on that you have really been digging on?

1. Use as few elements as possible, make each element hot ie. if you
solo it it’s still hot. Way easier to mix since you have less elements
to juggle and I think the tune becomes stronger and catchier to listen
to. Think of songs with a guitar riff leading the way as opposed to
layers of forgettable guitar noodling.

2. Quickly finish the structure of the tune, then go back and mess
around with effects/transitions, etc. That’s what people listen to
after all: the tune, not the little effects and such. Otherwise you
could risk never getting the tune done because you keep messing with
little details without actually making progress towards finishing it.
I’ve stopped having incomplete project files–a big problem I used to
have–by forcing myself to follow this principle.

Plans for the next year?  Production? Touring?  Life in general?

More music-making, more releases, more
producing/licensing/remixing/etc, more traveling. And of course, more
peace and love (sounds corny and wishy-washy but it’s true).

Where will you be for NYE this jan?

Probably in a comfortable chair making tunes 🙂

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