Woofer Cookers Present Phobia

by Mr Ed on November 1, 2011

Whats your Phobia?  Do you have a overwhelming fear of Heavy Bass, Melodic synths, and Sick Beats then Woofer Cooker’s new release Phobia is going to drive you over the edge!  This compilation was created by the members of the Glitch Hop Forum Community.   The winners of the 2ed forum production contest were picked for the best original song following the theme, Phobias.  The results were across the board and were judged by some big names in the Glitch Community.  There were prizes and the such, but the selected were offered to be released for everyones listening pleasure!  After listening to this collection, I’m proud to be a member of our little community at Glitch Hop Forums and once again am totally impressed by how talented our members our!

Make sure you check out Noel Planet’s sick ink blots.  Each tracks gets its own orginal creation! Check Her out here!:

Here is a little Tease!

The release is going to be exclusively on Addictech for one month and then will be for sale through Woofer Cookers.  Grab it here!

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