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Kastle | So You EP

by JM on October 18, 2011

Kastle is back with another to follow up the most recent Time Traveler release a few months ago. If you haven’t heard of Kastle get in the know now because he’s making some of the most incredible music out right now. I can’t think of any recent set I’ve played that I haven’t played one of his tunes.

The So You EP has the traditional sound we have come to love from him but adds much more emotion where some of his earlier tracks come from. I’ve listened to So You numerous times since I saw it appear on Soundcloud last night. I felt that Kastle was sort of falling flat compared to some of his earlier work but this track So You totally has grabbed me. The other two songs on the EP, Could U Want Me & You Know That I Know You Know, have been on his SC for awhile now but finally get a release on this small EP. He will be doing a small tour it seems to help promote this one. I’ll be sure to make it out to the show in Miami.

Be sure to grab this EP when it’s released on November 7th.
It’s perfect for those sexy R&B luvstep sets.

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Kastle | So You EP

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